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KFN activityAlright, which one of you just bought $30k of Oct 22 $12 KFN calls? It's currently trading at ~$8. Another $30k traded on $10 calls. I've had my own calls in, but $30k on a 50% rise before we get Q3 earnings? Am I missing something here? 4 years 8 months
93% / 91% GRE - bother with GMAT?Does anyone have any insight on how GRE vs GMAT is viewed? I took a shot at the GRE with a few hours of studying (for a non-bschool program I was considering). I figured I'd just study more and take the GMAT for bschool if needed. With an 800 / 630 / 4.5 though, I don't need to bother with the... 6 5 years 2 days
MIT LGO for consultingNext question... how much of a disadvantage is it for MBB recruiting to miss that SA opportunity? I ask because LGO at MIT looks like a great program, but they only let you intern with partner companies (for no pay, but 70% of the tuition is covered). LGO gives an engineering master's from MIT in... 1 5 years 5 days
McK Operations Senior AnalystLooking at the McKinsey Operations Senior Analyst track, I'm a bit confused. They require 2+ years experience and prefer a master's degree. The role is 2-3 years then direct to associate. Why would anyone with 2-4 years experience and a master's take a 3 year analyst role? Is the senior BA... 10 5 years 5 days
Senior Analyst Salary MBBHey what salary could one expect as an outside hire to a 3rd year analyst / direct-to-associate position at McKinsey etc? 5 years 9 months


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"Get hired" isn't really the right way to put it..."Get hired" isn't really the right way to put it. All GE program members are guaranteed off-program roles. If you're Energy, you'll stay within Energy, Healthcare within Healthcare, etc. Corporate Audit Staff is also popular for FMPs after program. It's not for everyone... but you really... 246 2 years 4 days
First of all, no one in FMP has a 3.0. Those...First of all, no one in FMP has a 3.0. Those minimum stats are not the actual stats of FMPs in GE Energy. I know IBD interns from MS and GS who have turned down banking for FMP. It all depends what you want to do though. Do you want to be a manager or a banker? If you want to be a CFO or run... 246 2 years 4 days
So the P&G job is in IT?So the P&G job is in IT? 8 2 years 9 months
DoctorAndre: bfin:Yeah my good friend who works...[quote=DoctorAndre] bfin: Yeah my good friend who works there said that none FMPers don't like the FMPers because of how they treated by upper management. Really? I read that GE takes 300 FMP's just within the United States every year. That's a LOT of people. I'm not sure how 300 new people... 14 2 years 10 months
Memory wasn't wrong... Immelt was only at BCG for...Memory wasn't wrong... Immelt was only at BCG for an MBA internship. "He worked in Procter & Gamble's brand management operation before heading to Harvard Business School to earn his MBA." 24 2 years 10 months
He joined GE straight from HBS in 1982. I can't...He joined GE straight from HBS in 1982. I can't find what he did in the 2 years he worked prior to HBS, so I may be remembering incorrectly if he was an intern or analyst. Anyone have a link on this? 24 2 years 10 months
BCG alum? You mean he interned there his MBA...BCG alum? You mean he interned there his MBA summer then chose GE full time? 24 2 years 10 months
If you have an engineering degree and go into a...If you have an engineering degree and go into a sales / commercial / marketing rotational program in an industrial company it should be >$60k. I don't know about CPG. 12 2 years 10 months
Advertising and product management are two...Advertising and product management are two totally different things. In F500s, the sales / marketing function often doesn't even include advertising. That goes under "communications." So make sure you check exactly what the company means by "marketing." And to clarify, in F500s, sales... 12 2 years 10 months
DoctorAndre: kote: alphaSledge: What kind of...[quote=DoctorAndre] kote: alphaSledge: What kind of pay can an FMP expect? (Before and after program) - $57k start, $5k sign on - Post FMP can be around $65k to $80k Possible career path in GE (Incl. salary ranges and yr to get there)? - CAS.. $83k, all expenses paid for, next ladder... 230 2 years 10 months
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