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Tigers' TragedyNot on FB for jobsearch reasons. My buddy asked me to help him get this group out there, figure we have a lot of sports fans on WSO. PM if you want to be a group moderator.!/group.php?gid=113192712058854 4 years 8 months


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Best B-Schools to break into MBBthanks for the post consider two things in taking whatever you take from this list 1) these are not considered to be the "top" jobs to land out of business school. i hate ranking that stuff but it demonstrates my point here. 2) the class sizes at the above schools vary greatly. for... 4 years 10 months
What Jobs Are Best for HBS/SBS?1) dumb question. for too many reasons to list. 2) gsb. not sbs. not sgb. 4 years 10 months
Transfer from GS/MSpay your dues. stop playing games and making rash decisions based on rumors. be grateful for what you have and find positive aspects of your job and if the situation is as bad as it has been exaggerated (and it isn't), evaluate that in six months. 4 years 10 months
Is he ignoring me??Perhaps he's offended by your inability to find space bar after typing a period? 4 years 10 months
Booz to M/B/B?I'd say you've got a good shot. Unless you're from Bethesda, that is. 4 years 11 months
Linked In: What to Include / Exclude?yeah i would even leave off your internships and just include your financial club experience that's really all that matters 4 years 11 months
Perfect Credit? You're Screwed.sounds terrible - can't open an 8th credit card to save $2.17 at american apparel but can secure an extra $500,000 to buy a home 4 years 11 months
DE SHAW INTERVIEWim not nervous about my chances in the 2012 presidential election, so you shouldn't be worried about your chances here... 4 years 11 months
awould a 660 put you in the upper 50% (or better yet 25%) of your class' scores? also: 4 years 11 months
Have time for Interviews after IB stint?this has been discussed ad nauseum on this forum so im going to attempt to steal your thread with a different but related line of questions: how taboo is it to look for your next job? is it absolutely necessary to sneak around? how did you broach the subject with your manager(s)? 4 years 11 months