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Signing out!Hey all, I've decided to take a break from the site due to all of the negativity, "poo flinging", flaming, internet laming from those who are just haters. I got an email from wso the other day and thought I could provide some valuable insight having worked at multiple top tier firms. But no... 6 years 1 month
Ask Tech Buyout:If you got a legitimate question, feel free to ask it. I'm no longer responding to PMs. 6 years 1 month
Silver Banana and Monkey Shit [Financial...Silver Bananas awarded to this user 6 Monkey Shit thrown at this user 5 -- I guess people really felt bad about FTP. Give me a break kids. Grow up. I guess some people on here really do work there and started crying when someone spoke the truth about their opinion and general street... 6 years 1 month
Wow, it's been awhile.It's been quite some time, since I've posted... looks like spring of 2008. Anyways, I used to go by BBTechM&A or something like that and I guess my name is Tech Buyout now. Any of the original guys still here? 6 years 1 month
Cancel an accountHow do you cancel/delete your account? 8 years 10 months
At Work?Reviewing a model, listening to ipod Anyone else in hell right now? 8 years 11 months
ADD?Does anyone here doodle like a mother fucker, while in meetings coloring in circles, shading boxes drawing stuff? 9 years 3 days
Centerview...Blair E. is KILLING IT, check out the dealflow 9 years 5 days
Dual LCDs + Laptop screendo any banks have that combo? 9 years 2 weeks
Third Year Thoughts.I graduated in 2004, and while people were interested in going to bulge PE, maybe VC, maybe a long/distressed hedge fund. The amount of worry that I and my friends put into exit opps weren't even close to what they were now. My sole goal was to get into banking, see what it's about then move on... 9 years 2 weeks


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I was a 2005 analyst so, most of my class and the...I was a 2005 analyst so, most of my class and the couple before me recruited into PE/HF for 2005/2006/2007 starts, the handful that went to mega funds, went to HBS/GSB, and ended at fairly brand name shops. Shops ranging from Lindsay Goldberg up to Paulson/Soros/Moore. From the guys I kept up... 5 years 2 months
jjc1122: Somewhat off topic. What are the best...[quote=jjc1122]Somewhat off topic. What are the best buyside firms in L.A.? Probably PIMCO, canyon ranch, oaktree capital. And for SF it's farallon, dodge and cox, watershed, clarium.[/quote] Assuming traditional PE/HF type funds (not money manager), my opinion below: LA: Top Tier: Apollo... 5 years 2 months
MS M&A 2005-2008 holla.MS M&A 2005-2008 holla. 5 years 2 months
Counter to that SLP with leverage would have been...Counter to that SLP with leverage would have been >$400k 5 years 2 months
Marcus_Halberstram: Comp is comp, IMO. Unless...[quote=Marcus_Halberstram]Comp is comp, IMO. Unless the question was "what is the highest cash comp paying PE firm?"[/quote] But that number fluctuates big time... alot of TPG analysts class of 2007 lost their ass so their comp assuming a $100k at co-invest would have been < $225k 5 years 2 months
Marcus_Halberstram: I've heard 350, 450 for the...[quote=Marcus_Halberstram]I've heard 350, 450 for the first and second years in Pre-MBA at KKR and Blackstone. Both from very reliable sources. And yes, that is fuckin ridiculous for a 23-24 year old.[/quote] That's target comp, not cash. 5 years 2 months
I worked in Pre-MBA PE at a sizable PE Fund...I worked in Pre-MBA PE at a sizable PE Fund before my program ended... I can speak to post-MBA recruiting at the mega ($10bn+) and larger funds ($5bn+), coming from the direct route (lateraling), I was in the pools of recruiting with MBAs recruiting for fund jobs. Most of the funds you would... 5 years 2 months
breakinginnew: disclaimer: 98% of what I am...[quote=breakinginnew]disclaimer: 98% of what I am about to say is an amalgam of information gained from WSO megafund's pay the most with some exceptions (generally #billions in fund correlates to comp, not a strict rule) bx/kkr pay the most (closer to 400) but work the most hours carlyle is... 5 years 2 months
12345: What if the best group at my bank by far...[quote=12345]What if the best group at my bank by far is the financial sponsors group, can I still exit to a good L/S hedge fund?[/quote] Yes, you should have some opportunities. Just fill out the info in your recruiting fact sheet. 6 years 1 month
the_situation_09: what kind of fund are you at,...[quote=the_situation_09]what kind of fund are you at, if not a value focused fund? Figured most pe associates get into long/short, distressed or event driven type funds, which are all mostly value focused. Also - did you get guidance on comp?[/quote] Q1: L/S and yes your statement is... 6 years 1 month
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