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Signing out!Hey all, I've decided to take a break from the site due to all of the negativity, "poo flinging", flaming, internet laming from those who are just haters. I got an email from wso the other day and thought I could provide some valuable insight having worked at multiple top tier firms. But no... 35 6 years 4 months
Ask Tech Buyout:If you got a legitimate question, feel free to ask it. I'm no longer responding to PMs. 57 6 years 4 months
Silver Banana and Monkey Shit [Financial...Silver Bananas awarded to this user 6 Monkey Shit thrown at this user 5 -- I guess people really felt bad about FTP. Give me a break kids. Grow up. I guess some people on here really do work there and started crying when someone spoke the truth about their opinion and general street... 15 6 years 4 months
Wow, it's been awhile.It's been quite some time, since I've posted... looks like spring of 2008. Anyways, I used to go by BBTechM&A or something like that and I guess my name is Tech Buyout now. Any of the original guys still here? 11 6 years 4 months
Cancel an accountHow do you cancel/delete your account? 4 9 years 1 month
At Work?Reviewing a model, listening to ipod Anyone else in hell right now? 5 9 years 2 months
ADD?Does anyone here doodle like a mother fucker, while in meetings coloring in circles, shading boxes drawing stuff? 1 9 years 3 months
Centerview...Blair E. is KILLING IT, check out the dealflow 9 years 3 months
Dual LCDs + Laptop screendo any banks have that combo? 24 9 years 3 months
Third Year Thoughts.I graduated in 2004, and while people were interested in going to bulge PE, maybe VC, maybe a long/distressed hedge fund. The amount of worry that I and my friends put into exit opps weren't even close to what they were now. My sole goal was to get into banking, see what it's about then move on... 14 9 years 3 months


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some banks do routine checks out of the blue, so...some banks do routine checks out of the blue, so obviously no hitters work at them. 118 4 years 10 months
yea and never after, half of IBD would be cut if...yea and never after, half of IBD would be cut if there were drug tests.. Coke increases performance 118 4 years 10 months
I was a 2005 analyst so, most of my class and the...I was a 2005 analyst so, most of my class and the couple before me recruited into PE/HF for 2005/2006/2007 starts, the handful that went to mega funds, went to HBS/GSB, and ended at fairly brand name shops. Shops ranging from Lindsay Goldberg up to Paulson/Soros/Moore. From the guys I kept up... 61 5 years 5 months
jjc1122: Somewhat off topic. What are the best...[quote=jjc1122]Somewhat off topic. What are the best buyside firms in L.A.? Probably PIMCO, canyon ranch, oaktree capital. And for SF it's farallon, dodge and cox, watershed, clarium.[/quote] Assuming traditional PE/HF type funds (not money manager), my opinion below: LA: Top Tier: Apollo... 15 5 years 5 months
MS M&A 2005-2008 holla.MS M&A 2005-2008 holla. 251 5 years 5 months
Counter to that SLP with leverage would have been...Counter to that SLP with leverage would have been >$400k 26 5 years 5 months
Marcus_Halberstram: Comp is comp, IMO. Unless...[quote=Marcus_Halberstram]Comp is comp, IMO. Unless the question was "what is the highest cash comp paying PE firm?"[/quote] But that number fluctuates big time... alot of TPG analysts class of 2007 lost their ass so their comp assuming a $100k at co-invest would have been < $225k 26 5 years 5 months
Marcus_Halberstram: I've heard 350, 450 for the...[quote=Marcus_Halberstram]I've heard 350, 450 for the first and second years in Pre-MBA at KKR and Blackstone. Both from very reliable sources. And yes, that is fuckin ridiculous for a 23-24 year old.[/quote] That's target comp, not cash. 26 5 years 5 months
I worked in Pre-MBA PE at a sizable PE Fund...I worked in Pre-MBA PE at a sizable PE Fund before my program ended... I can speak to post-MBA recruiting at the mega ($10bn+) and larger funds ($5bn+), coming from the direct route (lateraling), I was in the pools of recruiting with MBAs recruiting for fund jobs. Most of the funds you would... 24 5 years 5 months
breakinginnew: disclaimer: 98% of what I am...[quote=breakinginnew]disclaimer: 98% of what I am about to say is an amalgam of information gained from WSO megafund's pay the most with some exceptions (generally #billions in fund correlates to comp, not a strict rule) bx/kkr pay the most (closer to 400) but work the most hours carlyle is... 26 5 years 5 months
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