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Breaking in at 31Hi all, So, been thinking about going into IBD for the past year and the more I've read into it the more I'm starting to like the idea of it. A bit of background: graduated back in '12 and been working for a small company in Europe. Gotten lots of great exposure and moved up quite a bit in... 1 month 1 week
Career change - AMSo, I'm looking to change careers. I currently work in an unrelated industry but have been considering making a shift into Asset Management, ideally on the investing rather than the sales or marketing side. Unlike the US, there are few MBA opportunities at firms such as BlackRock or Vanguard... 8 4 months 3 weeks
Career changer - MBAHi guys, I'll be looking to go to B-School next fall and I'm a career changer (F500) looking to get into IBD (Boutiques, mostly). I live and work in Europe and I'd like to stay here after I get my MBA. I've heard great things about INSEAD's program but it's placement in Finance seems pretty... 9 10 months 6 days
St. Gallen MBAHi guys, Currently looking into MBAs and still deciding on whether it's a move I'd like to make. I'd like to continue working in a German-speaking country and from what I've seen St. Gallen seems to be the best option for that. However, I was unable to find much information on the MBA at HSG and... 7 1 year 9 months
Careers in TrustNot 100% sure which forum this goes under but I couldn't find much information on the forums about careers in Trust. It seems like a pretty good lifestyle in terms of hours and the type of work you do (working with family businesses) and helping manage family trusts. But anyone have any concrete... 5 2 years 2 months
IMDHi guys, So there's been a lot of talk about other European schools but very little on IMD. It was ranked 19th this year by the FT and seems to have a solid reputation within Europe. I'd be interested to know what you all think about this School. From what I've seen, it has a low presence in... 9 2 years 7 months
Alternative routes for Commodity TradingHey guys, So I'm trying to do research for a family member of mine who's in College at the moment and quite interested in Commodity Trading. His parents asked me to help out (as I work in Finance) and see what the best way for breaking into Commodity Trading would be. Now, I know that some... 3 3 years 1 month
Ex-Nomura banker turned Sex guruThought you guys might find this interesting: 2 3 years 3 months
RFP position at Hedge FundHey guys, Got an interview coming up for an RFP position at a leading hedge fund. I come from a PB/PWM background working on the relationship side so would appreciate some assistance on how I should prepare for this? Thanks. 4 3 years 3 months
B-School and age.Hey guys, So, I'm from Europe and looking to go into a top MBA programme (either US or Europe, but ideally the latter). My background is in family business and PB but currently looking at opportunities in Consulting as I want to keep my options open. I know that age isn't much of an issue... 8 3 years 4 months


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hongkonger12345: Do you mean public policy...[quote="hongkonger12345"]Do you mean public policy class? Never took it. Go back to your books AM nub[/quote] I cower in your presence, oh great e-thug. Economics is also taught in public policy classes. 193 2 months 2 weeks
You should apply to Harvard.You should apply to Harvard. 11 2 months 2 weeks
If you think the government is efficient at...If you think the government is efficient at allocating your money to the 'less fortunate' then you may want to take a basic economics class again. 193 2 months 2 weeks
Dat Guy: 401K if you don't need the money since...[quote="Dat Guy"]401K if you don't need the money since it will be taxed at lower rate at retirement. Opening a roth IRA and maximizing your contributino ($5,500) is also a good idea as an analyst since it will be tax free when you retire (and chances are your tax bracket will be higher when you... 18 2 months 2 weeks
I'd like to give another vote for Dale Carnegie's...I'd like to give another vote for Dale Carnegie's book. Amazing! 24 2 months 3 weeks
This is a dilemma I've seen a few people I know,...This is a dilemma I've seen a few people I know, face. Only take on the debt of B-School if you know it's what you want to do and you have a post-MBA career plan. Have you considered doing the CFA and potentially going to a HF? 11 3 months 1 week
Very good advice from the above poster. Will use...Very good advice from the above poster. Will use it myself. 4 3 months 1 week
Prefer this to the M&I template. Thanks, WSO!Prefer this to the M&I template. Thanks, WSO! 92 3 months 3 weeks
Krebs needs to be in there. That post was epic!Krebs needs to be in there. That post was epic! 12 3 months 3 weeks
Word of advice: don't get out so much information...Word of advice: don't get out so much information about yourself on a public forum. 18 3 months 3 weeks
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