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Investments TextbookWhich of these two textbooks would you guys recommend for a beginner/intermediate level understanding of investing? Essentials of Investments (Bodie, Kane, Marcus) - I am thinking this might be the one to go with since it is written by a professor at MIT. Fundamentals of Investments:... 3 years 2 months
2 Questionshow much does it normally cost for internet startups (general internet fees)? do sites like MLG (major league gaming) sign deals with the videogame companies whose games they use on their site? Essentially im asking if profiting off a videogame using a third party website constitutes copyright... 4 years 10 months


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Romney's September SurpriseAs far as employment goes you have acknowledged that has little to do with the prez, so I won't even address that point. 2 years 9 months
Romney's September Surprise1. Romney seems to want MORE foreign intervention and not less, so IDK how you're associating him with isolationism. 2. The ME has always hated us, but Europe also hated us in the Bush era, Obama has largely fixed that. Also, much of the commotion in the ME has nothing to do with our foreign... 2 years 9 months
Romney's September SurpriseTNA, the more you post about politics the more I think you're some fuckng joke, seriously, you can't be an educated grown man. Post about MSFs and regain some credibility bro, you haven't posted one relevant fact that disproves any of King's (and some of the other liberal posters) points. Your... 2 years 9 months
My thoughts on the first night of the DNC The Republicans will never come out for gay marriage simply because too many toothless moronic Christians in the south vote republican simply for the fact they don't want to see gay marriage. Without the gay marriage/abortion republicans would have almost no shot in national elections. If elections... 2 years 10 months
What It Feels Like To Be Absolutely Loaded By...[quote=leveredarb]pymp is a bit extreme but he has a point, what always shocks me is how many ppl on here think 150´-200k / year is good money..[/quote] considering an individual earning that amount yearly would be in the top 10% of household income (and im sure like top 3% of individual income... 2 years 10 months
What It Feels Like To Be Absolutely Loaded By...[quote=International Pymp]Note to self: In some ways I wish I was born to a less advantaged/rich background, so I thought 10mm was enough to "do whatever I want"... That's not even enough to buy a nice apartment in the city.[/quote] Is douche transferred genetically among the rich or what? 2 years 10 months
Return to Gold Standard Now Official Republican...It has been well documented that inflation does not go away just because of the gold standard, the United States in its early years saw many an inflationary period that the gold standard did not alleviate. All the gold standard would do is deprive the federal reserve of any power to react to... 2 years 10 months
NYC ImpressionsNew York City sucks. Its crowded, polluted, dirty, expensive, and full of haughty individuals (lots of 6's and 7's think they are 10's). 2 years 11 months
Whitney: IBD Needs Radical DownsizingI started pre-med and I do enjoy science but I also enjoy business. I am impatient that is why I decided med school wasn't for me(don't wanna wait 6-10 yrs after undergrad to start making real money) but with all this talk of IB as a job being terrible (posts on this forum) and of the IB industry... 2 years 11 months
Whitney: IBD Needs Radical Downsizingso.... f finance and just go to med school then? 2 years 11 months