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Canadian Undergrad BusinessCDNmonkey is spot on. Ivey or Queen's. No question. Lots of threads on this. If you need affirmation: 7 years 1 month
It's stuff like this that really makes you...Waste of time 7 years 6 months
Canadian Grades to GPA?Ignore eric's post. It is completely irrelevant. yesforone's post is spot on. It'd be a 3.7/3.8 Shadow, what's your approx rank in the class? 7 years 8 months
Best Canadian Undergrad B-School?Queen's vs. Ivey (don't even consider the others) Education: -at Ivey, you only take business courses in your last 2 years. -at Queen's, you take all business courses for all 4 years. -As a result, Queen's students have better finance knowledge and technical skills (in general). -Another... 8 years 3 months
Regional Boutiques Investment Bank List by CityCalgary? 8 years 4 months
How do you differentiate yourself amongst all diving is such a big rush 8 years 7 months
industry groupsThanks 8 years 7 months
industry groups[quote=scotttwibell]but mike said it well....houston for energy[/quote] If you want to do energy, do you have to go to houston or is nyc a possibility? 8 years 7 months