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Good way to short Muni bonds?I'm trying to find a good way to short municipal bonds. I don't want to buy a packaged ETN or 'super short' as those supposedly only track intraday movements. I'm looking for a non dividend ETF or stock I can short through buying a two year put. Does anyone have any suggestions? 2 4 years 11 months
Need a Job - Will take AnythingI need a job badly and at this point I'm willing to do just about anything. I've been out of work for a year and I don't know what to do - every single one of my strategies has flopped. So long as it's legal I'm willing to consider just about anything. Otherwise I'm going to try and get a job at... 324 4 years 11 months
Serengeti QuestionsAnyone know anything recent about this firm? There was one thing from about a year ago in the archives, but not much else. All I know is it's about a 700 mil fund with bad returns in 08 and good returns in 09. It's a distressed fund (I think), but I found surprisingly little in the news about it.... 3 5 years 2 weeks
BoA Emails Leaked MondayHacker activist collective Anonymous is leaking emails related to fraud and abuse of Bank of America's mortgage business on Monday according to a spokesman (speaking on condition of anonymity of course). Thought you guys might want to know. If you see BoA stock taking a dive in early trading... 6 5 years 1 month
Beginning of the EndHoly moley. Have you guys been looking at the markets today? Libya in turmoil, Saudi police firing on protesters (with the "day of rage" tomorrow), China doing badly, unemployment spiking, and Spain downgraded only days after Greece. It's like the perfect storm of suck. Add in a severe default of a... 21 5 years 1 month
Teachers vs. Wall StreetThought this was hilarious. Just want to piss off ANT really. :D 121 5 years 2 months
Put Spread IdeaJust wanted to ask an opinion of the board on a trade. Put spread on VXX - buy strike of 8 for .51 sell strike of 9 for 1.16. So 1 dollar at risk for every .65 cents in profit. Figure 9 dollars for the transaction cost + .15 cents a share for every share in the trade. 20k down, that's 13k -... 5 years 2 months
Need a NYC apartmentI'm flying out to NYC on the 15th and I need an apartment/place to stay. I've got cash, but am looking on the cheap/but safe side. Other than that I don't care if I live in a closet - closer (transport/downtown) is better but that's a tertiary requirement. Anyone know of anything? 29 5 years 2 months
Naked Put Oil/GLD?I'm just wondering how bad people in general view naked puts? I've been thinking about it, and it seems like it could be a good strategy if you have an order to buy back the put if it gets below a certain amount (stoploss). Especially on oil/gold or other commodities that are pretty upward trending... 12 5 years 2 months
Wikileaks Intentionally Destabilizing MidEast?So I just came across this article "Special Report: U.S. cables detail Saudi royal welfare program" where wikileaks has leaked US cables that show that the Saudi royalty is acting, well, like royalty and... 4 5 years 2 months


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ECM? DCM? Pardon my ignorance.ECM? DCM? Pardon my ignorance. 137 5 months 17 hours
I thought GCM was s&t.....huhI thought GCM was s&t.....huh 137 5 months 17 hours
absinthe: trade4size: This thread is retarded...[quote=absinthe][quote=trade4size]This thread is retarded on so many levels. Absinthe I find it funny how you never have anything to add about any of the things going on in the market all you are concerned with is minor firm differences. You probably lucked into your position because you knew how... 540 1 year 6 months
trazer985: My firm is the best in the world :)...[quote=trazer985]My firm is the best in the world :) I ranked it number 1 because of the following factors: It's not on the radar of all the insecure people that only want to trade because they don't know how to impress people with personality. I focus on making my grass as green as it can be... 540 1 year 6 months
Gomez Addams: absinthe: GoodBread: Would it...[quote=Gomez Addams][quote=absinthe][quote=GoodBread]Would it be possible to add a prestige rating to each of these firms, on a scale of 100?[/quote] It's basically supposed to be ranked according to perceived comp / prestige, although take that with a grain of salt. You can be reasonably... 540 1 year 6 months
The best shop is the one that hires me. So if you...The best shop is the one that hires me. So if you guys want to be at the top of my list PM an interview! /That might be just crazy enough to work.....:P 540 1 year 6 months
Ooh! Ooh! Hire me! Over here! I want to make...Ooh! Ooh! Hire me! Over here! I want to make millions! :P 540 1 year 6 months
How do you find out how well a firm is...How do you find out how well a firm is capitalized? I thought that was secret since it's a prop firm and doesn't report it? 540 1 year 6 months
Don't make me pull this thread over, cause I'll...Don't make me pull this thread over, cause I'll do it! 540 1 year 6 months
Trade4Life: trade4size: the 2008 list was...[quote=Trade4Life][quote=trade4size]the 2008 list was written by someone not even in the industry anymore. someone that focused on exit ops and comparing firms but when it came time to talk about the market he said "we trade equity index volatility arbitrage". These lists are stupid.[/quote]... 540 1 year 6 months
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