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mortage ratesso my realtor just sent me this link: Anyone want to take the time to tear it apart? It seems like a last ditch effort for him to try to talk me into buying (I'm convinced market is headed down for awhile and I am waiting at least... 7 years 8 months
staying awake w/drugsSo what drugs do you guys take to stay awake? Caffeine, adderall? What else? I found a new gum that has the equivalent amount of caffeine in 2 cups of coffee. It works pretty nice and you don't have to get up to piss every 20 minutes. 8 years 6 months
Meeting with MDNext week I have a lunch meeting with a managing director at a BB. Obviously, I want to somehow turn this into an interview/full time job. Any tips for stuff I shouldn't do or questions/convo I should definitely talk about/ask. What type of stuff just pisses off bankers and I should... 8 years 6 months
listing GPA on resumeSo I have a below 3.5 gpa. I have a friend who works at a top 4 bulge bracket. He told me that resumes that do not have GPAs listed are automatically thrown out. He said if you have above a 3.0 gpa to definitely list it. I know I have no shot a bulge bracket but thats not the point here. I... 8 years 6 months
Just finishing up an internshipI am just finishing up an internship this spring semester. I worked at a small investment firm and really had a great time. I wanted to buy the fund managers some type of going away present. Any ideas or can you tell me what you got your past bosses as going away presents? Thanks 8 years 9 months
Prep for Fall InterviewsWhat stocks are you currently following to be knowledgeable about for your fall interview? Any stocks out there that seem to probably have a good story over the next summer months to spark interest in an interview? 8 years 10 months
Fall Internship RecruitmentI want to try to get an ibanking internship this Fall semester during classes. I am pretty sure that a good majority of boutique banks do this. When should I start applying for this? Should I just email the ibanks directly and ask if they have this type of program? This will be in Chicago... 8 years 10 months
Working in LondonI have a summer internship with a $5 billion Hedge Fund of Funds. I will be working from June-August. Can anyone give advice on housing in London? Will I need to get a work visa or can I travel as a tourist? Anything else I should know about London? Thanks 8 years 10 months
What makes a good trader?Is this analogy correct at all?? If you asked Michael Jordan how he made the last second 3 pointer to win the game while being double teamed I doubt he would have much to say. If you ask an allstar baseball player how he hits homeruns he could not say much more than "I just swung the bat and... 8 years 10 months
What is so special about a "target"...What is so special about a "target" school? Besides the name and alumni connections, what exactly makes a target school so much better? How is their curriculum different? Do finance majors at target schools take more classes than I do? Do they take better classes? Is my corporate finance... 8 years 10 months


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bullmetaljacket: Thanks for the notes. Was...[quote=bullmetaljacket]Thanks for the notes. Was wondering if you could clarify something. You said: "You need to either focus on a sector or find some other expertise and stick with it. Otherwise, you're in danger of extinction..." But then you go on to say, "Try to join a shop that... 7 years 5 months
so data entry? sounds like a data entry? sounds like a pretty intellectually challenging job. it involves accounting, but sounds like absolutely no need for actual accounting knowledge is necessary 7 years 8 months
i heard the entire Syndicated & Leveraged...i heard the entire Syndicated & Leveraged Finance group was cut in chicago. 7 years 8 months
I guess I can answer my own question but would...I guess I can answer my own question but would like to hear follow up also. Its an interesting article and very complicated subject. Higher inflation would push up interest rates. Higher interest rates would in turn lower demand for housing. Lower demand means lower prices. Sounds about... 7 years 8 months
i use it all day everydayi use it all day everyday 7 years 8 months
F9 - Update: onickjo - Some say clothing is an...[quote=F9 - Update]onickjo - Some say clothing is an investment. Capital. Investment. They aren't just banker words. I don't think anyone else gave a second thought to the word "capital." [/quote] haha, you must be a huge douche. Please someone else here has to agree with me. There is no... 8 years 1 month
How much "capital"? I really hope you are joking...How much "capital"? I really hope you are joking. 8 years 1 month
bumpbump 8 years 2 months
toro: 4. Support for B school Many top firms...[quote=toro] 4. Support for B school Many top firms have a great relationship with the top B schools and will significantly increase the chances of admission for their associates. [/quote] Once you are an associate at a top PE firm, why would you head back to bschool? I thought this is the... 8 years 4 months
Ok , so GS TMT, GS FIG, MS M&A, JPM LevFin,...Ok , so GS TMT, GS FIG, MS M&A, JPM LevFin, etc. etc are the best groups on the street. What the fuck does that mean? And what makes them so good? Compare the work that a guy at Goldman does with a guy at a MM company. Is it really that much different, and if so what are the differences? 8 years 4 months
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