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Great Article - Describing the Sales ProcessBelow is a great article that explains the sales process for an sell side advisory firm. May be helpful if a friend or family member ask you what you do... Selling a Business for an ‘Outrageous’ Price By Josh Patrick Step 1: Start with a big funnel. Clayton Capital started the sales... 1 year 6 months
Deal Toys for Small DealsAre deal toys issued/created by corporate development groups for small deals? I understand IB will usually create these on large deals, but what about small deals that are done by internal teams? 9 2 years 5 months
Whats A higher positionHi Guys, Quick question, who is higher on the corporate ladder? A MD or Executive V.P./ partner I'm asking with respects to a real estate firm. 2 4 years 10 months
Best Joke You've herdSo Monkey's what the best joke you've been told or tell on a regular basis. I'll list a few that I found pretty entertaining. I wish my lawn was emo so it would cut itself. If you are what you eat, then I'm fast, cheap and easy Dyslexics Of The World Untie Depression is just... 40 4 years 11 months
ACT/ SAT Score's Please AdviseHi, I'd appreciate if you all can offer some insight for me in respects to my low SAT scores. I got a 1200 on the SAT's 5+ years ago and recently when applying for an internship with a fund/ research company was asked to provide them. How should I respond? Should I provide scores and... 3 5 years 3 months
Take Golf/ Tennis To Boost GPA In SpringShould I take PE classes in the spring (ie golf, tennis, yoga...) to graduate Cum Laude? I have already fulfilled all of my graduation requirements and by taking these joke classes would be guaranteed A's for little work and thus would have a sufficient GPA. Information to Note: -I go to a... 7 5 years 4 months
Should I Study For CFA or GMAT During My Senior...Hello All, Background: Approaching senior year Finance major (non-target private school) Summer analyst at a BB Interned at a BB’s branch office while at school this past year (Wealth Management) Question: Should I spend my time this spring, studying for the GMAT or the CFA? I will... 9 5 years 8 months


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Why not consider a role in Corporate Development...Why not consider a role in Corporate Development at an acquisitive firm? An individual in Corporate Development can spend time on M&A, Strategic partnerships, Strategy, Balance Sheet, Treasury, etc. 6 9 months 3 days
Agree with @bfin I would try and get a smaller...Agree with @bfin" I would try and get a smaller laptop bag (i.e. as opposed to a larger one ( You'll end up filling up the larger bag with useless stuff. Also, make sure the bag has... 18 9 months 3 weeks
I've worked in Corporate Development for a few...I've worked in Corporate Development for a few years now and have completed several acquisitions. The number of deals, for obvious reasons) and the size of the deals have a huge impact on your hours. When working on deals that require full board approval I was working hours in excess of 80 for a... 8 12 months 1 day
Dave Chappelle Dave Chappelle 53 1 year 1 month
Thank you for taking the time to write up a...Thank you for taking the time to write up a detailed overview on Corporate Development. It was very well written and interesting. Can you add some more details about compensation (e.g. base and bonus)? Analyst - Sr. Analyst - Manager/VP - Director - Executive Director (Head of Corp... 50 1 year 7 months
Value is going to come from TV exit multiple....Value is going to come from TV exit multiple. Unless you are using a Gordon Growth 13 2 years 4 months
I just printed this photo out and pinned it to...I just printed this photo out and pinned it to the cube wall... its pointing at my deal toys @Going Concern I completely agree. 9 2 years 5 months
Also, who are the low cost providers of deal toys...Also, who are the low cost providers of deal toys? 9 2 years 5 months
Deals between $10M-$150M. I'm just thinking it...Deals between $10M-$150M. I'm just thinking it may be a way to motivate internal leaders to help complete the DD faster/better 9 2 years 5 months
Not sure I fully understand the question. Just...Not sure I fully understand the question. Just keep them in the loop. 2 2 years 5 months
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