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AMA - I'm a muni bankerHere's my background: Undergrad BS in biology non-target. Internship Summer of basic science research; MM healthcare coverage/M&A; pre-Master of Management boutique IB generalist; Masters of Management; boutique life science/biotech/pharma strategy consulting firm as a strategy analyst, now an... 3 months 1 week
From non-target to masters in management to...After a lot of struggling I made it to the promised land. I'll be joining a super-regional bank's capital market arm as an associate. I first came to WSO as a clueless undergrad that was at the epitome of a non-target. I did my masters, networked hard and got a job at a consulting firm then... 3 months 3 weeks
AMA: AC/BA level consultant at a boutique I'm one year out of my masters and wanted to give back. Ask me anything from recruiting to the actual work. As a bit of background I did a masters in management and got hired through OCR. I was hired by a boutique and I've been working there ever since. 7 months 4 weeks
The right way to approach an informational...I've been receiving a fair number of informational interview requests lately and I wanted to share what I look at and how to do better in them. I'm a recent grad (May '14 from a masters), so take this with a grain of salt. Sending the request Read your message for grammar and spelling. I... 11 months 4 weeks
L'Shanah TovahL'shanah tovah to everyone on this erev Rosh Hashanah. 1 year 4 months
Ace Greenberg Passed AwaySad to see a legend go. 1 year 6 months
Retackling the GMATI last took the GMAT back in 2012 prior to doing a masters in management program. I did alright, getting a 680 with a 41Q and 41V. I'm looking to retake the exam because I'm considering going back for an MBA in a few years and I have time prior to starting up at my full-time position. When I took... 1 year 8 months
Learning Business SpanishDoes anyone have a suggestion for a book (preferably kindle or ibook) on business Spanish? Looking for one with a finance, consulting or general business Spanish. 1 year 9 months
Duke MMS AMAAsk me anything. I'm willing to talk about everything from academics to life in Durham. 1 year 11 months
Planning a career in consultingI recently signed on with a small boutique strategy firm that does pure strategy in one industry. I find the industry interesting, my question is how do I plan a career? What are the natural jumping off points into PE, Industry, potentially an MBA? I am also potentially interested in consulting for... 2 years 3 days


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The PT MBA is great to advance your career if you...The PT MBA is great to advance your career if you're stalled or it's a requirement at your company. However, I've known a fair number of grass from top ten programs PT components and almost none have managed to switch careers. 1 week 4 days
A lot of banks have programs for vets, JP has a...A lot of banks have programs for vets, JP has a program called Veteran Jobs Mission which you might want to look into, the tough part is enlisted to IB/High finance the tendency for this is usually officer to those types of roles. GS has Goldman Sachs Veterans Integration Program. Most banks will... 1 week 4 days
In your initial post you asked specifically about...In your initial post you asked specifically about IM which to me generally means buyside shops in public markets, SWFs, pension, insurers and the like. For PWM I'm not sure why you feel you need an MBA I'd ask @thebrofessor" for his thoughts since he does PWM in the south as I recall. Also in... 1 week 5 days
They're a solid middle market shop, I had a super...They're a solid middle market shop, I had a super day with them a while back (~1.5 years ago). Much like PNC Capital Markets, US Bank, Regions or BB... 1 week 5 days
No one will care, when I was at my old firm and...No one will care, when I was at my old firm and had some involvement in the first round of resume screening I looked at school, GPA, major and internships I had no idea what individual class grades were and couldn't have care less. 1 week 5 days
Investment management is as competitive as...Investment management is as competitive as investment banking, unless you mean PWM. If you want IM you'll be going up against Duke, Carolina and UVA MBAs who all have better brands in the Southeast, M7 grads who were from or want to get to Atlanta and Emory grads. 1 week 5 days
UGA is an ok non-target, but it isn't a target...UGA is an ok non-target, but it isn't a target for the firm I'm at and I am in the southeast. 1 week 5 days
With the exception of GCA none of the other firms...With the exception of GCA none of the other firms are boutiques, PNC is a money center bank and Duff and Phelps is a MM albeit more of a valuations shop. I'd take PNC. 3 weeks 2 days
Network with alumni and leverage what OCR you...Network with alumni and leverage what OCR you have access to. Make sure you understand the M&A process from a practical point of view as well. 3 weeks 2 days
I'd also look at some of the MMs there like Sun...I'd also look at some of the MMs there like Sun Trust and Regions. There are also some decent boutiques. 1 month 5 days
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