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Searching for a Summer Internship?Chris great list! One point to correct even though they are a very small shop and very rarely take on any new analysts / associates the area code for The Capital Corporation is "864" not 846 wanted your contact info to be accurate. 4 years 6 months
Do Alternative Investment Firms like FIG hire out...Depends on the position obviously, but short answer is Yes. 4 years 6 months
A big fat thank-you!!!!Congrats love to hear when persistence pays off! 4 years 6 months
New Years MusingsOne of the best posts I have read on WSO! Happy New Year and best of luck in 2011! 4 years 6 months
Reaching out to alumniI have had success with the email as the first point of contact approach, but from there shoot for a time to speak on the phone or in person. It is much easier to move forward if you are actually speaking with them especially in person. 4 years 6 months
Job interview AttireYou should always go with a lace-up for anything formal i.e. interviews. It is paying attention to the "unimportant details" that can potentially set you apart. I heard a story about a guy that blew an interview way and was then told at the end he would not be getting the job because his shoes were... 4 years 6 months
Compare the stress..It would take a lot more than $100/hr for me to make that climb. 4 years 9 months