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MLB seriously needs to overhaul instant replayWhy does baseball refuse to step into the 21st century? We have so much technology that could potentially guarantee that the right calls are made 100% of the time but for some odd reason MLB refuses to implement the technology. I understand that baseball purists love the human element of the... 2 years 8 months
User bar on top Is there any way to hide the user bar on top (the one with user name, banana points etc) without, obviously, logging out? 2 years 11 months
Eye strainHow do you guys deal with eye strain/fatigue? I just finished up a class project that took a really long time, now i can't even look at a computer screen without my eyes hurting 3 years 10 months
For anyone needing help with their resume.... 4 years 5 months
Halladay, Lee, Oswalt, HamelsThat ladies and gentlemen look like a scary team to face. Glad my team is in entirely another league. 4 years 6 months
Data streamAnyone good with data stream at all? I'm trying to pull closing prices for a few delisted companies and am lost. : ( 4 years 7 months
Baseball World SeriesAnyone watching the postseason? Giants vs. Texas...never would have predicted that at the beginning of the year. 4 years 8 months


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What are the best websites for people in their...+1 for fivethirtyeight 2 months 3 weeks
Welcome to the New Wall Street Oasis!Also, is there a way to hide your username from the top bar? 3 months 1 week
Welcome to the New Wall Street Oasis!In addition to this, would it be possible to add the page #s after the initial post? This way, you don't have to scroll all the way to the bottom to get to pages 2-3 3 months 1 week
I miss the 90s/ early 2000'sThis. Get Rich or Die Tryin is probably the only rap album in recent memory that one could listen to without skipping any songs. 3 months 1 week
when is the proper time to add "no longer a... According to this, right after, but you need to remove it after an hour 3 months 3 weeks
Burner Phone Numbers Although I think you need to link it with a phone #. You might just need a google account, in which case, you can make millions of those. 3 months 3 weeks
Anyone use something like Wealthfront, Betterment...I just opened an account at Betterment. From what I know about them, they are essentially target date funds. I think the real value add comes from their tax loss harvesting services. Once you have a certain amount in your account (I think it's like 50k) you can opt in. 3 months 4 weeks
The A-Rod debacle, what would you do?He's been in the majors for more than 5 years, which means that he cannot be demoted on an optional assignment to the minors without his consent. They can release him, but what's the point? They'll still need to pay him. Trade A-rod? He's also got 10-5 rights. Which means that he needs to... 4 months 2 weeks
The A-Rod debacle, what would you do?They did give him the opportunity to apologize at Yankee Stadium, but apparently he wants to focus on baseball the next time he's at YS. Dude's had a rough year, GF dumps him, Yanks looking at every avenue to not pay some of his incentives. You sort of feel bad for the guy but then you remember... 4 months 2 weeks
forum deletionsI don't know if this is feasible given the amount of new posts on the website on a daily basis...but is there a way for mods or someone to tag certain posts as editable or not editable? For example, let's say an AMA gets 100 posts (or w/e) a mod can tag that thread as an "AMA topic" (or maybe this... 5 months 4 days