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Dummy summation EviewsHi all, I have a quick question: I have a regression in Eviews and am wondering where I can find the summation of the dummy variables, of which I have two in the model? Help would be greatly appreciated, thanks! 1 3 years 9 months
What you really need to succeedIQ is not the most important factor in determining success. Other factors such as Moral Intelligence, Body Intelligence and EQ tend to be more predictive of success. Almost 85% of financial success is determined by your personality, negotiation and communications skills. Full article: http://www... 9 4 years 1 week
Showing initiativeHi, So I have managed to get a boutique internship beginning of january where I will also be working on my thesis. Last week, one of the partners comes up to me and starts talking about an assignment I didn't do well. The assignment was something I had never done and I didn't know where to... 4 years 3 months
Strategy labHi guys, Maybe a week or so someone posted a website in a response to a question which contains the subsection "strategy lab". It was a website focused on (equity) research etc. Anyone have an idea what website im talking about or can help me out? 4 years 4 months
Bodie Kane Marcus 8th edition answersDoes anyone have (a link to) the answers to the 8th edition of Bodie Kane Marcus Investments? Thanks a lot! 5 4 years 5 months
Airbus ResearchHi guys, I am working on a consultancy project and am in need for some info on Airbus. I am looking for info on how their financed: shareholders, loans, cash flow etc. Is anyone able to help me with this? Hopefully someone has something quite detailed. Thanks 4 years 7 months
Corporate RecoveryGuys, I'm doing an internship in Corporate Recovery this summer with a small firm. I will be analyzing financial data of (almost) bankrupt companies. I will also be reading business models/strategies, evaluating whether a company should be bought and at what price. The owner also offered for me... 1 4 years 11 months
Housing in LondonGuys, My bro is going for an internship in London and is looking for a studentroom (+/- 500 pounds per month). I'm trying to help him finding accommodation and was wondering whether you know of something in Kensington or the center of London. My bro is leaving beginning of june. Let me know.... 17 4 years 11 months
LinkedIn JobsSo I just got an email from a random person explaining me about a job opportunity. The person who sent it talks about part time mortgage protection sellers working 10+ hours a week, earning 40k. The way you do business is by sending email each week, no cold calling. He also says, some agents... 2 4 years 11 months
Rejecting Wall Street for EntrepreneurshipAs I have the aspirations to one day start my own business, I found it interesting to read that more graduates are going the entrepreneurial route. After reading several posts about how mind-numbing, boring and so on Investment banking is, have people started thinking of not pursuing the ultimate... 6 5 years 1 day


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You mentioned that it's more important to...You mentioned that it's more important to generate and develop an idea or thesis. Where do you start when you develop an idea, where do you get ideas from (news, blogs, etc.) and what do you pay attention to when creating a thesis? Thanks 59 1 year 1 month
How long of a track record do you usually need...How long of a track record do you usually need for rasing money? For instance, 5 years experience as PM/trader...? 14 1 year 8 months
Passed L1!Passed L1! 55 1 year 9 months
How is the interview process structured and what...How is the interview process structured and what kind of questions are usually asked? Are questions asked about macro-economic events, weather or product specific stuff? Thanks a lot for this AMA. 128 2 years 1 week
PSR666: Depending on the department, I would...[quote=PSR666]Depending on the department, I would say that it´s the closest that you get to private sector without being there in terms of competitiveness. .[/quote] Could you please specify this; what do you mean by competitiveness (as you said it's important to dominate office politics)?... 13 2 years 1 month
What does a central bank look for in potential...What does a central bank look for in potential employees? What kind of people fit in in a central bank, culture wise? How big of a disadvantage do finance students have over economics or econometrics students, if any? Thanks! 13 2 years 1 month
I got "Warren Buffet", I wouldn't spend as little...I got "Warren Buffet", I wouldn't spend as little as him though if I had that amount of money! 80 2 years 2 months
Great post, thanks!Great post, thanks! 47 2 years 2 months
I was wondering whether you could provide some...I was wondering whether you could provide some insight in to corp strat functions in Europe. I am currently doing a MSc Finance and am interested in going into corp strat when I'm done. Are there opportunities straight into corp strat or would a majority of firms rotate you through a traineeship?... 55 2 years 4 months 146 2 years 5 months
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