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Bloomberg Search RequestI don't have Bloomberg or CapIQ where I'm at. Could someone do me a solid and look up who the investor(s) were on the Smith Electric Vehicles capital raise? I know Wynston Hill Capital was the placement agent. There might not be any info out there, but a quick search would be much appreciated.... 4 years 5 months
Operating Partner & Exec Search HelpHey guys, Wondering if any of you monkeys and gorillas know of any executive search firms that either specifically work in finding PE Operating Partners, or have a pretty dedicated practice in this space? Even more specific, if you know of any that work with CIOs (Information, not Investment... 4 years 7 months
European/International Company DatabasesI'm looking for good, free databases or resources for looking up European companies (by sales size, industry, employee count, etc.). Basically, the European equivalent to RefUSA, Hoovers, and D&B. So far, all I've found are Kompass and Thomas Europe. Any help is much appreciated. 4 years 8 months
new1987Official call out thread. I'm calling you out new1987! Can we ban this man, por favor? He's only here to spam Wall Street Prep discount codes, offering half a sentence of advice at best. Ride or die new1987. I'm meditating right now, completely focused and relaxed. I'm send waves of herpetic... 4 years 10 months
Keep It Classy, DukeDuke madam/student completes an extracurricular assignment, or, "fuck list" thesis. The materials were leaked, of course, given the way society runs now. Enjoy it in all of its' magnificence. Somewhere, a daughter's father sheds a tear, as my shock meter barely flickers. 4 years 11 months
Rate the song above yoursSimple concept, just rate the song in the post above your own contribution. Mod Comment: Embed all videos in comments. To do so click the "Embed" button on YouTube, copy the link, paste it in, then click the little arrow beneath your comment box that says "Input format", switch it to "Full... 4 years 11 months
Removing Headers/Footers in Word Oh-F*cking-SevenOk, so I made a cover page in Word 2007. This, of course, created an unwanted header + footer for the rest of the document. I did what seemed reasonable: went to the 2nd page, inserted a Next Page break at the top, double-clicked into the 2nd page header, de-selected Link to Previous, clicked... 5 years 1 week
PE FoFIf one wants to end up at a PE FoF/Co-Investments firm prior to getting an MBA, what sort of jobs (other than PE FoF itself) should one seek (as a first job)? Some of my potential options at this point include (entry-level): Top investment consultancy (position focuses on alternative... 5 years 2 months


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Actually, it might be best to be upfront and...Actually, it might be best to be upfront and transparent right off the bat. They'll find out you're not employed during the background check and may question your character if you had not previously disclosed that you had quit. 2 months 2 days
The partners are convinced it's a box for the LPs...The partners are convinced it's a box for the LPs to check, although I'm not sure how much they really care if you consistently generate good returns for them. They all have MBAs here, so I don't think they've seen it done without one. One partner actually said I could rise to Sr. Associate/VP... 2 months 1 week
I actually had a similar crossroads recently. My...I actually had a similar crossroads recently. My approach was a bit informal and it came from my own initiative. I took all of the Partners out to lunch (not all at once; too many to get overlapping availability), explained why I wanted to stay in PE at this firm, in this strategy, with these... 2 months 1 week
I'll be attending the weekend program of a top...I'll be attending the weekend program of a top MBA school. No sponsorship by my fund, but will remain employed full-time during the program and upon graduation for Partner track. Where's the best place to go for loans in my situation? Federal rates are way too high for someone that will remain... 2 months 3 weeks
"...such as what if you bought one company and..."...such as what if you bought one company and you found out that the CEO was using the company's money to pay for his mistresses home (and had a child with her)." I can't tell you how many times our accountants missed this doing their QofE... ...hahahaha 2 months 4 weeks
We are all dumber having read this vomit. Son,...We are all dumber having read this vomit. Son, what in the HELL are you talking about? 2 months 4 weeks
Evening/Weekend MBAs are for those that wish to...Evening/Weekend MBAs are for those that wish to remain with their current employer post-MBA. If you would like to make a transition, you're going to have to suck up the debt and opportunity cost and go full-time. 3 months 2 days
You are certainly correct that Kelley is largely...You are certainly correct that Kelley is largely an accounting school. However, the poster is going into school knowing he wants to do investment banking. Knowing that, he should get into the investment banking workshop (if he can't get into the workshop, that's another issue...). The workshop... 4 months 2 weeks
Nothing against the other schools you listed, but...Nothing against the other schools you listed, but your BEST shot of landing a gig in investment banking is going to Kelley and getting into the investment banking workshop. Great placement, even at BBs and EBs. Again, nothing against the other schools (e.g., Wisconsin has a great undergrad business... 4 months 2 weeks
SouthernAlpha, I disagree with your...SouthernAlpha, I disagree with your recommendation for the OP to avoid an opportunity at an SBIC fund. I'll comment on some of your points (in no particular order). 1) You're correct regarding current senior lending constraints. Traditional banks can no longer participate in transactions with... 5 months 2 days