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Entrepreneurship and patent lawsuitsMy original plan was to write a series about starting my eccomerce business; going through the process of finding a market, a product and funding. I still plan to do this, but I would like to talk about something that is far more pressing to me: IP litigation. Background I graduated from... 13 2 years 11 months
UFC 148 PredictionsChael Sonnen UD Forrest Griffin UD Patrick Cote TKO 2nd round 16 3 years 10 months
UFC 141 predictionsMy predictions: Lesnar over Overeem via tko in 3rd round Cerrone over Diaz via decision Fitch over Hendricks via decision 9 4 years 4 months
How to deal with patent trolls?I am currently working in a leadership role at a start-up based in north Jersey. We have made a lot of progress since June and were ready to launch when we were served at our impromptu office about a 7 weeks ago. The lawsuit alleges that we are in breach because of our use of PHP scripts. To make... 8 4 years 5 months
Peter Schiff owns OWS! 4 4 years 6 months
The balls on Dick CheneyI was watching some morning news with my father this morning when I happened upon CNN's State of The Union. I watch Fareed Zakaria's GPS religiously and decided to include an extra hour of tv viewing in my Sunday schedule. Lo and behold Dick Cheney and his idiot daughter, Liz, giving an interview... 24 4 years 7 months
Things aren't always how they appear.Alabama cops find a creative way to get deadbeats. 1 4 years 8 months
Was this self-defenseA pharmacist in Oklahoma was just convicted of first degree murder after shooting an already incapacitated robber. I think the verdict was excessive. [quote]The security camera recordings show Parker and a friend, Jevontai Ingram, then 14, rush into the drugstore. Ingram points a handgun at... 18 4 years 11 months
Wachovia Money LaunderingHere is an interesting story about Wachovia helping drug cartels move hundreds of billions. My first thought isn't about Wachovia but the sheer profitability of these drug cartels. Wachovia laundered 380 billion dollars for... 4 years 11 months
Obama oval office addressObama's oval office address last night received a lot of criticism. Some on the left felt that Obama should have talked about the reasons why we went to Iraq, while others say that Obama did not "thank" his predecessor enough. It is impossible to talk about Obama's speech without discussing the... 50 5 years 8 months


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Dude, all the money the government spends, it...Dude, all the money the government spends, it gets from the taxpayer. Every single dime. If the government wasn't spending the money wastefully on stupid, infantile projects, the people who actually earned the money would be putting it to good use. 30 2 years 6 months
This is a non issue. Insider trading is already...This is a non issue. Insider trading is already legal in all markets besides equities. It is perfectly legal to trade with the aid of insider information when you trade commodities, mortgages, municipal bonds, government bonds, derivatives etc. 11 2 years 9 months
Bondarb: 50 attacks...right...."early planning...[quote=Bondarb]50 attacks...right...."early planning stages"...right.... I will say it again: there is a better chance of any of us gettin ghit by lightning then dying in a terrorist attack. I am not afraid of made up muslim boogie men.[/quote] Didn't the government, up until 2 or 3 weeks... 19 2 years 10 months
This program didn't stop the Boston bombing,...This program didn't stop the Boston bombing, Times Square bombing, the underwear bomber, attack on Fort Hood, shoe bomber, and not a one of 11000+ homicides that happen in America every single year. How can the government stop someone from killing a bunch of people? What prevents me from buying... 19 2 years 10 months
NorthSider: TheBlueCheese: Sounds like common...[quote=NorthSider] TheBlueCheese: Sounds like common sense - doesn't mean it'll change their hiring practices much. Does anyone actually think Google will stop hiring students from top academic institutions with the best grades / most involved / leadership positions / etc? Criteria like GPA... 70 2 years 10 months
NorthSider: FinanceBrah: As a student with a...[quote=NorthSider] FinanceBrah: As a student with a less than desirable GPA, I have to say Google is on the right track here. If Google only said GPA is not important then many of you would be right. What they actually said is that the performance for people who are recent grads and those who... 70 2 years 10 months
physconomist: The issue (and this really has...[quote=physconomist]The issue (and this really has nothing to do with making or not making a product, plenty of large manufactures screw over start ups with frivolous lawsuits too) is that some firms use b.s. patents that don't cover anything useful, and probably wouldn't stand up to reexamination... 13 2 years 11 months
Edmundo Braverman: I wasn't aware you couldn't...[quote=Edmundo Braverman]I wasn't aware you couldn't buy Windows 7 anymore. I just bought a new desktop online and it came with 7 Pro installed as well as a Windows 8 disk in the box. No argument that Windows 8 is another fumble by MS a la Vista. But I think it's so bad on the desktop environment... 43 2 years 11 months
Why are you going to business school if you run a...Why are you going to business school if you run a startup with 50 employees.? 34 2 years 11 months
eliteculture: I blame it on the current...[quote=eliteculture]I blame it on the current government adminstration. They don't respect copyright and patents. Why do you think smart chinese PHDs keep wanting to come to the USA?[/quote] What a moronic argument. There is tons of innovation in China, and I would say, in regards to consumer... 20 2 years 11 months
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