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Barcap Menlo versus BAML PA Both teams seem to have good people and culture seemed relatively good for banking. How would you guys compare the two groups in terms of deal flow, culture, work quality, etc? This is for an associate position btw, and both tech coverage roles. Barcap executes M... 4 11 months 3 weeks
BAML - Tech - Palo AltoAny info on this group? There is some outdated stuff that comes up through search but wondering if anyone has any updated info. Primarily interested in deal flow, culture, people, reputation, etc. I know they have a tech M... 9 10 months 3 weeks
Associate Bonuses - 2015It's that time of the year - what are the numbers being reported out there? I heard BAML paid first year associates $70k; not stub but full year. I know BAML has had their fair share of legal fees this year but this seems extremely low. Has anyone else reported? Curious to hear how this year... 30 1 year 1 month
Options for TSM CalculationWhen spreading options tranches to calc FDSO, do you pull the options outstanding and their respective exercise prices or the options exercisable and their respective exercise prices? I've always pulled the options outstanding and that's how our models are set up, but I just got a model from a... 2 1 year 3 months
IB Associate Street PayAfter raising analyst pay to 85-90-95, what is the new "street" for Associate 0,1,2,3? I have not been able to find any concrete info about this 21 1 year 4 months
Pitch LBO questionIn terms of a pitch when trying to get a general valuation range, do you guys build your lbo models with an initial purchase price assumption based on where you want your valuation range to be and then massage leverage levels, projections, etc. or assume a target IRR and then back into purchase... 1 year 8 months
KeyBanc To Acquire Pacific Crest SecuritiesThoughts... 11 1 year 9 months
Ferragamo Loafer RecsHey guys - I am pulling the trigger and purchasing my first pair of ferragamos. I do not have a pair of good black loafers and looking to step up the wardrobe a bit. I am looking for a nice versatile pair of loafers that I can dress up with a suit if needed, but will primarily be worn with... 14 1 year 10 months
Mooreland PartnersDoes anyone know anything about this firm, Palo Alto location? Looks like they have closed a number of deals in the past few years -- all tech M... 2 3 years 3 months
McCafferty & Co.Does anybody know anything about this tech, media & entertainment boutique in LA? They do not have tombstones on their website but seem to be pretty busy in terms of deal flow from what I have heard. Anyone know anything about dealflow, experience, pay, etc? 6 3 years 4 months


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Legit. All depends on your sales guy though. The...Legit. All depends on your sales guy though. The suit packages are worth it IMO as they are not too spendy and fit great. 24 1 month 2 weeks
Also I expect s&t bonuses will be much lower...Also I expect s&t bonuses will be much lower than IBD in the current environment 170 3 months 1 week
JP communicates tomorrow and BAML isn't for...JP communicates tomorrow and BAML isn't for another week and a half. The $175 bonus was for A2 I think, not A1. I've heard top bonus for A1 was $130 at Citi so $280 all in. Any idea on GS, JEF or RBC numbers? 170 3 months 1 week
what bank is this / what's your source? Most BBs...what bank is this / what's your source? Most BBs have not reported yet. Just Citi and MS to my knowledge. VP numbers look higher than I expected. These numbers look promising though. 170 3 months 1 week
i heard mid bucket for A1 at Citi was $100 so $...i heard mid bucket for A1 at Citi was $100 so $250 all in. My guess is at the $100k threshold it was either 80 or 75 cash, the rest deferred stock 170 3 months 2 weeks
Pretty interesting because the rest of the street...Pretty interesting because the rest of the street raised bonuses this past summer YoY and the pay raise had already been implemented for 6+ months. Anyone have ideas for associate bonus ranges at MS? Citi reported Friday too i believe. 55 3 months 2 weeks
You sure we're not talking about you? Definitely...You sure we're not talking about you? Definitely DO NOT quit. And dude, going to lunch? I am able to go out to lunch maybe once every few weeks and I've been doing this for 4+ years now. I won't even get started on you trying to change processes and provide feedback two weeks into the job. Also... 24 3 months 3 weeks
Dude, you have no idea what you're talking about...Dude, you have no idea what you're talking about. Stop spreading bullshit around these forums. What has CS been on to put them on par with JP this year? JP was lead advisor on Western Digital, Avago, Dell / EMC, King Digital, etc. And I do not work at either of these firms but know them and... 12 4 months 3 days
This is not true. Barcap covers exclusively...This is not true. Barcap covers exclusively semis, electronics and comms so if you're into that, not a bad place to be. They have an internet MD in their office who was brought over from DB (director there), and he hasn't done much at all. Haven't seen Citi on much. They didn't have a software... 12 4 months 3 days
MM 5 4 months 1 week
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