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BlackRock to build own bond trading platformInteresting article in the WSJ today talking about how BlackRock is building a new bond trading platform to skirt the large spreads they have to pay to the BB's. Obviously this is still in its infancy, but BlackRock is pretty enormous, and most firms love having them place trades. If this picks up... 6 4 years 3 weeks
"new" button with multiple pagesHey Patrick, This is something that I don't think has ever really worked, so I figured I'd make a topic and see if anything can be done. When threads get really long (multiple pages) the new button will not take you past the first page, and therefore won't take you to where you read last. There... 8 4 years 3 weeks
2012 Undergrad Bloomberg B-School Rankingswelp, the crazy bloomberg rankings are out again. according to them, Notre Dame is now a "dynasty", taking the top spot 3 years in a row. heres the full list: and heres a decently interesting interviewer where the bloomberg... 10 4 years 1 month
Describe in 1 word the type of risk measured by...topic--one of my friends asked me this...the desk hes working on this summer told him to think about the answer. what do you guys think? he was told to describe the type of risk measured in one or two words. i would think that correlation is directional risk, but other than that im blanking 6 4 years 11 months
Rebuttal to Rolling Stones Article about putting... [quote=Roger Lowenstein] Moreover, the settlement was dwarfed by Mozilo’s compensation, which included (but was in no way limited to) stock sales of nearly $140 million prior to... 4 4 years 11 months
"xx new" should bring you to those new...Patrick, Obviously, the "xx new" number under each post is nice to signify if and how many new posts there are on a specific topic, but it would be nice if that link would actually bring you to the beginning of the "new" posts on a specific thread. Especially for longer (2-3 page) threads, it is... 1 4 years 12 months
BAML has perfect trading quarter so, for all those BAML haters out there, what say you? 10 4 years 12 months
Anyone Hear From NYU Housing?Anyone get their NYU housing assignment for the summer? Just got mine...looks like ill be living in broome? Anyone have any knowledge of what Broome is like? 9 5 years 4 weeks
Roast of Donald TrumpAnyone else watching this? It was actually really funny until the situation came on and got booed off the stage. REALLY painful watching him crack horrible jokes. although it was pretty funny watching him tell a joke, and then hear complete silence afterwords. best line of the night so far "you put... 7 5 years 1 month
A HUGE thank you to the WSO community!!!Hey guys, i just wanted to come on here and say thank you to everyone who had helped me out along the way to landing a BB SA S... 15 5 years 2 months


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interview probability will be simple EV type...interview probability will be simple EV type stuff that just gets marginally harder to make sure you can think analytically/prove you can do some sort of math. nothing mind boggling. know dice/coinflip EV etc.. 192 3 weeks 1 day
dont ask for unpaid internship opportunities in...dont ask for unpaid internship opportunities in your initial cold email. ask to speak with someone and learn more about their role in the firm/how they got there, more about themselves etc. build at least a little bit of a relationship before inquiring about potential internships 211 1 month 2 days
roymondito: You're a freshman from a LAC, I...[quote=roymondito]You're a freshman from a LAC, I doubt they'd go into too many technical questions. It'll be mostly fit, so be sure to nail those first and foremost[/quote] i would also tend to disagree with this. almost every JSC interview ive heard about has been HEAVY in mental math and... 95 1 year 3 months
Why are Barclays and Barclays Capital listed? I...Why are Barclays and Barclays Capital listed? I presume you just mean Barclays, since Barcap dropped the capital a few years back. Still not sure why it pops up twice though, should be the same...right? 41 1 year 5 months
I think it's a risk tolerance thing. Generally...I think it's a risk tolerance thing. Generally speaking your role on the SS has a cap, whereas working for a fund the rcomp (especially being one of the first in the door) can be exponential...but the downside is also a 0 if you don't perform/if the fund shuts down. Do you have a family/kids etc to... 9 1 year 6 months
Socal: if you can only get one, ft for sure. i...[quote=Socal]if you can only get one, ft for sure.[/quote] i would agree wih with this, my only caveat would be that on the day of any interview id pick up the wsj...from what ive heard you can get the random interviewer who will ask you things about that days wsj (what is on the front page, etc) 59 1 year 9 months
i get both on my kindle. i like both for...i get both on my kindle. i like both for different reasons. 59 1 year 9 months
Probably.Probably. 39 2 years 2 weeks
google it first. there are a lot of mixed it first. there are a lot of mixed reviews about say the least i personally would never ever touch the place, but there are some who swear by it... you know something is up if you type in northwestern mutual internship in google and it autofills with "scam" 146 2 years 5 months
Haha love the part about "not having that crucial...Haha love the part about "not having that crucial application up". Wish I could tell you how many times that happened to me. I'm on the index side, but this is very much the same. Pricing is a bit simpler because everyone trades only a few names, but generally the size can get quite massive. Very... 33 2 years 9 months
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