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Pre-Interview ReceptionI've been invited to a pre-interview dinner at a place near campus with all candidates that will be interviewing. The dinner is the night before interviews. What would be the appropriate dress code for this event? Would business casual do or should I play it safe and go formal? Any feedback... 2 8 years 7 months
Commercial RE...Is it worth it? Serious Advice...I received an offer to do an 8-month coop in Commercial Real Estate. This coop will delay my graduation for a semester and it will also require me to incur relocation expenses (and rent) in order to move to the middle of no where for a job that pays peanuts (not even $15 an hour.) They have various... 10 8 years 7 months
1 Yr in Operations?I know this topic has been beaten to death, going from ops to ib is almost impossible. But, if I work in ops for one year after graduation at a place like BofA, couldn't I then apply for analyst positions at smaller boutiques? I would have more work experience then graduating seniors at that time,... 8 8 years 8 months
Delaying Graduation for Internship?I should be graduating this May; however I’m considering postponing my graduation until next fall in order to attempt to get a SA position next summer. I did a finance internship this summer at a Fortune 5 company (not a bank and not in corp fin.)Is this worth it? If I say I’m getting a double... 10 8 years 8 months
Etiquette for Contacting FirmI found a small PE firm near my school. I checked their website out and they don’t have a formal ‘careers’ sections. However, they do have a general phone # and email ([email protected]) They also have an investment professional page, which lists everyone from managing partners to analyst,... 2 8 years 9 months
Audit?I have an offer to work in internal audit for a fortune 3 company. If I can break a 700 on the gmat and have between a 3.6-3.7 gpa will I have a shot at a top b-school? Or is audit a joke to wharton, harvard, etc? 5 8 years 9 months
Graduating in Summer?If you graduate in summer are you pretty much screwed out of full time recruiting? 5 8 years 9 months
Where is the market going?What do you feel will be the next hot thing in the market? It feels like M&A and PE will only be hot for a few more years. What areas do you feel students graduating in 2008 should be looking towards to start their careers? 1 8 years 9 months
E&Y, D&T or IB back office?Would a position in valuation or reorganization services at a place like E&Y or Deloitte & Touche provide better exit opps in terms getting into ib, pe, top b-school or im I better off in a back office position at an ib? Any input is appreciated. 11 8 years 9 months
Is someone willing to review this for me?Will someone here verify that I linked everything in the statements correctly for 12 months worth of data. I'm a novice undergrad, and if done correctly this can get me in the door with a small boutique. This will only take a couple of minutes for someone who knows their accounting. It would be... 9 8 years 10 months


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I've had people tell me they received the call...I've had people tell me they received the call the same day as superday. 4 8 years 2 months
Are scores from first round included as well?Are scores from first round included as well? 4 8 years 2 months
just got back from scarlettsjust got back from scarletts 2 8 years 4 months
assistant vp of cow milking vp of cow milking 1 8 years 5 months
anyone know if they hire out of ugrad?anyone know if they hire out of ugrad? 6 8 years 5 months
I don't think I can be of much help. But I'm...I don't think I can be of much help. But I'm curious what made you choose the school your at with such a high gmat. Obviously a top 20 school is still awesome, but I think you could of gone to a wharton or uchicago if you wanted. Was it b/c your stats weren't good enough or was it other personal... 9 8 years 7 months
well they are a fortune 500 company so I wouldn't...well they are a fortune 500 company so I wouldn't say they are completely no-name. thanks for the response. 10 8 years 7 months
any actual insight?any actual insight? 10 8 years 7 months
no, i think iowa might be considered a, i think iowa might be considered a popping place compared to where I could potentially be at. regardless, location doesn't matter to me. its just deciding whether or not the opportunity is worth it. 10 8 years 7 months
thanks for the responses. any more insight is...thanks for the responses. any more insight is appreciated. 8 8 years 8 months
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