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Rising Junior: Advice Needed? Hey guys, I just recently came across this forum while googling how to break into investment banking. There are some great experiences on this forum and I'm hoping to get some advice. My problem is that I haven't been seriously considering IB until this summer so I'm kind of behind in terms... 4 years 11 months


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Pharma vs. Econ ConsultingMy gf works at pharma consulting and I at Econ Litigation. Hours and pay are similar but otherwise It's two completely different worlds. Exit opportunities are going to be a bit different: for econ litigation, it's a combination of PhDs in Econ, Law, Business Schools, or other consulting... 3 years 6 months
Cost to form an LLC?If you do it yourself, it's only like 200 bucks to register with the various state, taxing and IRS documents. I had one back in high school which did College Admissions. It depends on how much revenue you make, if it's under around $10,000, many states will waive your taxes as well. 3 years 6 months
Private EquityColumbia or Wharton... These two places typically swap 1,2,3 with Harvard at various BBs in terms of number of kids (at least the two BBs I interned at). Wharton kills for recruiting although you will enjoy being in NYC much more. If you're smart and capable at Columbia, there is really... 3 years 6 months
Retaking McKinsey PSTFor my school, if you've taken the test previously during internship recruiting, you won't be taking it again for full time. 3 years 9 months
Top 10 Wall Street Cars[quote=Modern Day Yuppie]How would those of you who know a decent amount about cars, but aren't true enthusiasts, perceive a coworker that was a real, hardcore car enthusiast and spent their money on a true drivers' car? E.g., a Porsche 911 GT3 with a stripped interior, cage, full titanium exhaust... 4 years 10 months
So I met this chick....The "I went to school in Boston' statement to me feels like something that BU or BC kids drop to make themselves sound douchier. It was done a few times in Asia until I asked them which side of the Charles River they're on. So far, I've rarely seen someone not following the Harvard 5 minute... 4 years 10 months
What is wrong with the USIf you are so intellectual, why not History, National Geographic or Discovery ? Oh yea, they have deadliest catch, axmen and ice road truckers for the manly man. 4 years 10 months
Watch Options-Sub $300Seiko Kinetic watches are awesome, a bit heavy though. 4 years 10 months
Do you believe in God?Do. He guides me whenever I'm troubled. 4 years 10 months
Paul Craig Roberts Calls for RevolutionThat was a great read. Personally, I agree with some sort of incentive system to keep jobs in America. How it's done is the big question. For instance, in this article,, it's mentioned... 4 years 10 months