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entry level compensation negotiationhi guys, i was just wondering if anyone's had any experience negotiating for compensation when it comes to an entry level position. i just received my offer from a large AM firm following the end of my summer internship and i know many would kill for an offer like this but i was just hoping... 3 years 10 months
Best excuse to RenegeHey guys, I had an offer from a very small long/short equity fund, but just received an offer to one of the bigger AM firms around. The opps are much better, along with the pay and job scope and basically FT. I'm a junior btw. I actually accepted the offer through my school's Office of... 4 years 2 months
FI deriv ops during the semesterhey guys, i'm a rising junior and have already applied as a summer analysts to all those banks out there trying to get my foot in the door. my question is, how useful would a FI derivative ops internship during december and subsequently during the semester be for my search for a SnT summer... 4 years 7 months
stranger or contact or bothHey guys, Hope to get some advice from the experienced guys here. Should i contact: A contact who is a C-level executive at a bank but nowhere near the desk that I want to intern at? or A director that I met at a roadshow for the credit sales desk (that i want to get into) of the same... 4 years 7 months
Resume forwarded by CIO?hey guys, so i have a family friend who's the CIO (chief information officer) of a bank for the region where i'm in. would it be possible for him to forward my email to HR for me to get an internship in SnT? or would he only be able to help for tech positions? appreciate the answers. thanks! 4 years 7 months
Rising Junior SnT Summer Analyst Resume Help!Hi all, A little background about myself: I'm a rising junior looking at summer recruiting primarily in a Sales or Research position (ideally trading, but I don't think I'm really eligible for that yet) I did a tax internship at a big 4 firm last summer thinking I might actually want to go... 4 years 8 months
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entry level compensation negotiation[quote=happypantsmcgee]Unless your offer was like 35k or something ridiculous then keep your mouth shut[/quote] Thanks for the advice but you definitely have to chill. I know you've been great for the community and this was just surprising. I figured it was a legit question to ask. Will def... 3 years 10 months
Singapore IBD SA salaries for BB's?[quote=BatmanbeatsBateman] SA gets paid SGD 9-10k (USD 7- 8k) [/quote] The numbers are good. The pay in Singapore is higher than in most places because of the strong SGD. 4 years 1 month
Investment Banking at Standard Chartered in Asia?[quote=disr]they definitely have an IB arm. i wouldn't go so far to say that you're misinformed but your friend definitely isn't lying. which part of asia are you refering to?[/quote] how did i get a monkey shit for this. 4 years 1 month
Investment Banking at Standard Chartered in Asia?they definitely have an IB arm. i wouldn't go so far to say that you're misinformed but your friend definitely isn't lying. which part of asia are you refering to? 4 years 1 month
How to make most of internless summer?There's no substitute for an investment banking summer internship, especially in your junior year. U just have to grind it out and coldcall the boutiques, or even the VCs, PEs and HFs. Just keep working at it. Would your finances allow for an unpaid internship? 4 years 1 month
Best excuse to RenegeI have been waiting on this for a while and I always thought I would use the family emergency excuse. esp since it wasn't in the country I reside in. the problem is the new firm wants to contact my career services office as well to let them know which is what really put me in the spot. 4 years 2 months
Best excuse to Renegesorry for the late replies. on asian time here. basically the first offer is from a really small long/short equity hedge fund and the second one is a AM firm, think aberdeen / wellington / fidelity, with probably an opportunity to convert because I'm gonna be the only intern there. i was also... 4 years 2 months
Credit Suisse Hong Kong 2010-2011[quote=ZIRH]still no word...[/quote] Asia IB? 4 years 7 months
Credit Suisse Hong Kong 2010-2011you probably would have heard back for IB, SnT not yet if i'm not wrong 4 years 7 months
FI deriv ops during the semesterthanks billy. so i guess the opinions lean more towards doing it? especially since its a more complex type of product where i might be able to learn and become more proficient than my peers? one thing i didn't really mention was what if doing it would make me have to finish my double degree in 4... 4 years 7 months