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Resume Review: Equity Research to Hedge FundI've been a research associate for quite some time, like 3 years in a hot sector. I am ready to move to the buy side but I wanted to know how and what I should be emphasizing on my resume. Without sounding like I'm a showoff, I will say that I have been recognized internally as a top performer and... 4 days 5 hours
First Years to $85k.. which banks and which...Hi All - I'm sure a bunch of you have heard Goldman's plan to pay first years $85k now. My only question is: which banks and which departments are doing this? Would love to know if DB / CS / UBS / JPM / MS / BAML / Citi and which departments IBD / Trading / Sales / Equity Research / ECM / DCM... 9 months 3 weeks
Three Ways to Differentiate Yourself in Finance...So I don’t normally write blog posts, but I thought this one was necessary since I wish I did these when I was an undergrad student. Not trying to make myself seem old here, I graduated within the last 4 years. Let’s get right into it since I’m really bored at work (I work at a top 2 sell side BB... 1 year 6 months
Which BBs have a Gym on-site (if free or not)Can we post around to see if various banks have free gyms in buildings. 2 years 6 months
After Hours WritingSo... obviously everyone keeps a very tight shield in the IBD area of life, however, what I want to know is: who else is writing on WSO when they are "after hours" chillin? It is currently 3am, and I just got back from the clubs, and i am posting this forum for only one purpose --> What do you... 4 years 8 months
Is Linkedin Value AddedSo I have one simple question: Is Linkedin THAT beneficial for networking and/or finding a job? I want to hear everybodies thoguhts on this. My answer: It is useful if you have been in industry for like 2 years, absolutely useless if not. 4 years 8 months
Petroleum Director to Big Consulting nycHi guys, So I live in New York City, and my life is pretty damn good. So my greatness has all been sparked by my father, a big time Petroleum Director who works directly with the Petroleum Titans of Saudi Arabia (OPEC), in Saudi Arabia. My father and I want to live in the same city (nyc),... 4 years 9 months
PricewaterhouseCoopers vs IBM GBS ConsultingIBM GBS Consulting and PricewaterhouseCoopers Advisory are two top career paths at my non-target and I want everybody to break it down. What we know: PwC: PwC has a higher overall rank (#9) then IBM on Top 50 Consulting firms. PwC consulting was sold to IBM under ten years ago... 4 years 10 months


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You should charge $1,000 for it... so only a...You should charge $1,000 for it... so only a select few can buy it... kidding. 13 hours 39 min
I actually will try that... I know some firms,...I actually will try that... I know some firms, like SG Partners, tell me they ONLY take IBD or M&A analysts into Hedge Fund... which I found rediculous... 13 hours 40 min
The fact that this thread is not attracting much...The fact that this thread is not attracting much interest is shocking to me because to me Equity Research gives people some serious optionality to breaking into a hedge fund in a couple of ways: 1) it is public market driven (most IBD deals work off of non-public information, making the modeling... 13 hours 43 min
I'm going to keep bumping...I'm going to keep bumping... 3 days 16 hours
bump... again...bump... again... 3 days 16 hours
Bump...Bump... 3 days 16 hours
Ken Murray would straight up email me at work...Ken Murray would straight up email me at work with: "hey can you send me your most up-to-date resume as soon as possible," ... i recieved that email in the first month working at my current firm... 6 days 12 hours
Guys this thread has been incredible, thank you...Guys this thread has been incredible, thank you for sharing. Here are some things I have done to accelerate the process when I am ready to transition to long/short equity: 1) go on Linkedin and add all the recruitiers from the following firms: Firms: vetery, gobuyside, SearchOne, dynamics, CPI,... 6 days 12 hours
I think a lot of people are misinterpreting hedge...I think a lot of people are misinterpreting hedge fund performance YTD 2015. First off, the large hedge funds I am quite familiar with (2bn to 40bn multi-strat funds) are market neutral. Meaning, at any given point in time they are shorting stocks and longing stocks, creating pair trades. Now, the... 6 days 13 hours
Is there a status update on this? When will it be...Is there a status update on this? When will it be available? 6 days 13 hours
WallStreet Prep Master Financial Modeling