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What happens if an employee declares bankruptcyJust curious, what would exactly happen to an employee of a financial services firm if they ended up declaring bankruptcy for whatever reason (illness of family member, inability for spouse to work, unforeseen life events, etc.) Assuming the person is already employed, would their firm consider... 2 years 1 month
Big 4 US vs UKNot really on topic but when reading these forums I have noticed there is a big difference in the level of respect Big 4 audit receives in the UK vs. the US. To put it short, what is the reason for this difference? Why is Big 4 considered to be more prestigious in the UK? Is it harder to break... 3 years 1 week
MBA Programs for SoutheastHi everyone, I was wondering if I am planning on staying in the southeast am I better off opting for regional MBA programs such as Duke, UVA, Emory, and UNC or would I still be best served by aiming for M7 + Tuck, Yale, NYU, Ross, and Cornell? Also I was wondering what is the value of an MBA... 3 years 3 weeks
Class of 2012 Faces a Grim job marketA study by major think tank on effects of Great Recession on class of 2012 and others graduating in a bear market. I guess the point most relevant to us all is: Bull market MBA graduates who went to Wall Street earned 1.5M to 5M more over their careers than bear market grads (Oyper, P. 2008... 3 years 2 months
Will a MSF help me land better jobs?- 3 years 3 weeks
Calculating terminal value - Gordon Growth or...Hi everyone, I was thinking of putting together a valuation model using DCF, comps, and precedent transactions to show interest in and ability to do the work. I was wondering if you guys most often use exit multiples of Gordon growth for terminal value in practice. What growth rates do you guys... 3 years 2 months
please help decide f500 corporate finance vs big 4deleted 1 month 1 week
offer advice big4 or f50 financial analyst. 1 month 1 week
Corporate finance out of undergrad or as lateral...- 3 years 2 months
Best Preparation For CF Careerdeleted 3 years 2 months


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OP, how many moves have you seen from BO to MO...OP, how many moves have you seen from BO to MO specifically into credit risk. From some if the posts here it looks like CR is one of the best non-FO places to be in terms of experience and comp (modeling, credit analysis, etc) with same base as IBD and 20-30% bonus. Is this the case at your firm... 2 years 3 weeks
GoVolckYourself: from low-ish GPA to comments...[quote=GoVolckYourself]from low-ish GPA to comments about wanting to hang out and leave early etc - the op doesn't sound like much of an overachiever (by any stretch). While i laud work life balance and doing what you love, i don't think prospectives should settle for mediocrity and apathy. Find... 2 years 3 weeks
Most well known corporate banking products are...Most well known corporate banking products are term loans, revolving lines of credit, syndicated loans w. multiple arrangers. You also have ABL facilities, bridge loans, etc. There is also a difference between corp. banking at a BB vs. corp. banking at a MM/regional bank. 1. Client Size - Corp... 2 years 3 weeks
Corp banking over IBD: 1. Long term career...Corp banking over IBD: 1. Long term career potential - not much of an "up and out" culture like in IBD. As long as you are competent you can move into an associate role after your 3rd year in most places, you won't need to go back for an MBA to advance. Also to get from associate to VP in the... 2 years 3 weeks
Correct me if I am wrong but BB satellite offices...Correct me if I am wrong but BB satellite offices outside of major financial hubs are typically wealth management and corporate/commercial banking 2 years 1 month
OP keep in mind this is regarding how much of a...OP keep in mind this is regarding how much of a target a school is for IBD vs. academic/educational quality and the overall prestige of the school. With that in mind, in terms of IBD recruiting it is easily: Georgetown > UVA > Emory > Vandy > WF While these schools are pretty much on par in... 2 years 1 month
Hi guys I can chime in here. 1. 60k base and 5k...Hi guys I can chime in here. 1. 60k base and 5k sign on is pretty standard across the BBs for commercial banking so yes this is a standard/competitive offer. 2. Corp banking at a BB would be more lucrative - 70k base with 10 sign on. 3. Jumping to PE/VC/AM will be very difficult as the skill... 2 years 1 month
Out if curiosity whats your reason for quitting,...Out if curiosity whats your reason for quitting, from the sound of your post it sounds like you are lateral ing to another BB group or are you getting out of IBD to move into corp lending? 2 years 1 month
knowthename: That is true. Which schools are...[quote=knowthename]That is true. Which schools are the national targets of the Big 4?[/quote] Pretty much any school that has an undergraduate business school. 2 years 1 month
For those who want to be finance, I'd recommend...For those who want to be finance, I'd recommend at all cost to avoid big4 audit and just aim for F500 roles or any other relevant, transferable experience because it will be very difficult to transition later on. From what I have heard in NYC there is a wall between acct and finance, making it... 2 years 1 month
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