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Thinking of Starting a Market Insights Business...My city is starting to have more "data" focused tech companies spring up - specifically focused around business intelligence and data modeling - looking to start a group of like minded individuals that meet monthly etc. to discuss this trend and begin to network with industry professionals and get... 3 years 5 months
Short the DOW? ProShares DXDGiven latest macro environment within US...qe3 etc. wise or not to short Dow? Can't justify the inflation to numbers in 07' 5 3 years 7 months
Can you put an offer in on a house without a RE...House just came on the market 23 days ago and I am looking to invest. I am able to put down the down payment and all so is it possible to make an offer without hiring a RE agent? 3 4 years 2 weeks
Best Stat Book Explaining Regression Analysis?threw away mine from college (fml) now need a refresher. Any suggestions? 4 4 years 1 month
For those of you that are working (post u-grad...How long is your resume now that you have started work? I have done a lot in the last year and worked on two-three major projects (think software development/pm). How much real estate should I take up with these? Tried the search function but resulted in ugrad resume talk and wso resume... 9 4 years 2 months
Girlfriends a teacher...any gift ideas? She's got everything (jewelry, clothes, etc) so any gift ideas for a teacher? High school teacher I welcome all jokes 24 4 years 3 months
MF sold to GS through JPM - Someone explain this... So essentially 3 IB's involved in same deal via a buyer, seller, and broker? Just didn't really think this was the norm. (I'm not in Banking) 4 4 years 4 months
Living On The Edge - Alex Honnoldhope you guys got to see 60 minutes tonight...was a real good one. still can't wrap my mind around this kid though;storyMediaBox Could any of you live like this? 10 4 years 4 months
We've had a shit ton of business forums (...BB SRV John Mayer Eric... Etc... Please share... 7 4 years 4 months
Cost to form an LLC?So whats the cost to creat a simple LLC if you are just creating like a small software company...many ppl on here have said they started a business in college and I have met a lot that have (using their rents money or existing LLC). From research I've seen 5-15K depending on legalities.... 7 4 years 5 months


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bump - i'd provide some equity as wellbump - i'd provide some equity as well 25 2 years 4 months
more meatmore meat 8 3 years 6 months is fantastic and has a great is fantastic and has a great UI...would like to talk with who started that 8 3 years 9 months
I think it's valuable to envy someone - idolize...I think it's valuable to envy someone - idolize an alpha senior and learn from them. That's what I do. 65 4 years 3 months
Waitll IP sees thisWaitll IP sees this 16 4 years 3 months
management consultants gross 7 figs? Whaaaaaaa?management consultants gross 7 figs? Whaaaaaaa? 36 4 years 3 months
^^ 16 4 years 3 months
bands legit as fuckbands legit as fuck 2 4 years 3 months
BBBB 18 4 years 4 months
Yeah...what I find most interesting is how he...Yeah...what I find most interesting is how he overcomes the natural anxiety feeling and the fact that if you can't overcome that your literally going to simply freak out and die. 10 4 years 4 months
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