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Need assistance on getting M&A analyst...I'm a Ucla economics graduate. Overall gpa 3.2. have completed single studying financial modeling, corporate finance 1... 3 1 year 11 months
Have $100k, don't know how to invest, helpI came into 100k, i'm a soon to be PhD student(financial economics). I seriously don't know how to trade and am thinking about long term investments such as S... 44 3 years 7 months
What are some good programming languages to learn?As the title states: What are some good programming languages to learn? So far, i'm taking visual basic and python programming. Eventually, I will take the C++ certificate offered by Baruch. I'm just a little short on funds right now. So that's three languages: 1. Visual basic 2. C++ 3... 8 3 years 9 months
Preparing for a career as a trader, any advice...I'll be starting on a phd in financial economics this upcoming fall from a non-target. And i'm looking for advice on what I should be doing to make myself a better trader. In the past, I have taken C++ (2 courses), SQL (1 course). I plan to take level 2 of SQL over the summer, and visual basic... 7 3 years 11 months
Looking to get into trading need helpMy problem lies with my record. I wasn't the hardest working student in my last two years of college. I managed to graduate from UCLA with a BA in Economics(3.25 gpa). I completed a few internships: life insurance sales, private banking, and market risk. Mostly doing busy work. I figure I have... 3 5 years 6 months
PhD Accounting - any consulting opportunities?Currently, I'm a graduate student in accounting and was wondering if there are any consulting opportunities for Ph.D.s in Accounting. Which companies should I look into? What type of jobs should I look into? Which firms offer internships for doctoral students? The main reason why I took up a Ph.... 2 5 years 9 months
Ph.D. in AccountancyMy intentions after a MS in Accountancy are to pursue a Ph.D. and become a research professor. However, lately, i've become more intrigued by the world of consulting. And was wondering what types of jobs in the private sector are available for Ph.D.'s in Accountancy. Anyone care to weigh in? 5 years 10 months
PhD Accounting? Good or bad?During my undergrad years, I landed an internship in a risk management department in NYC. Unfortunately due to massive layoffs and budget cuts, I was not offered a job. So as a backup, I decided to pursue a MACC degree and once again try to prepare for a Quant job on wallstreet. Questions about... 11 5 years 10 months
Paulson white shirts.Most of my clothing shopping is done online since its usually cheaper. I have no problems ordering most clothes but there seems to be a problem with dress shirts. I have three brands currently in my wardrobe; calvin klein, donald j. trump, and geoffrey beene. The trump shirt is silk and doesn't... 16 7 years 2 months
Series 7 Prep materials questionDecided to make a move from the more technical side of the business to something more sales oriented, PWM. Where can I acquire materials to begin studying for the Series 7/63 licenses? Preferably, something that will get me up to par in about 1-2 weeks(ibank/summer analyst type books). 2 7 years 5 months


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Since you're pursuing a PhD in Finance, you're...Since you're pursuing a PhD in Finance, you're most likely going to be offered positions in quantitative finance research(derivatives pricing). It isn't that bad of a place to be. If you don't want to complete your thesis, then by all means start applying to all the major companies. You're most... 130 3 years 3 months
I'd recommend you get something cute like nursery...I'd recommend you get something cute like nursery art. You run the risk of her not liking the gift because the design is a bit complicated. Everyone likes nursery art. 38 3 years 5 months
Yes it is true that you want to keep a high GPA...Yes it is true that you want to keep a high GPA. But I'd recommend the following, 1. Try to keep your gpa at or above 3.8. 2. Take the calc 1-3, linear algebra, differential equations math sequence 3. Learn a programming language: C++ (2 courses) By taking the math/programming, you have... 35 3 years 5 months
I've met a couple analysts who were pre-mba over...I've met a couple analysts who were pre-mba over the years. Many of whom worked for smaller funds. Most of them were somehow directly related to the fund managers, sons/daughters/relatives/family friends etc. They didn't do much besides try to source deals. Most I met while at angel/venture capital... 13 3 years 5 months
I would recommend you do this. Print out your...I would recommend you do this. Print out your past discussion posts. Look for a similar style of citing. Make the argument simply like this, "I'm not an expert in citation, here's what I've done previously and I haven't had much of a problem with this professor. My professor has not discussed... 71 3 years 5 months
I'd recommend you take about 10k. 1. $5000 for...I'd recommend you take about 10k. 1. $5000 for apartment 2. $500 for plane ticket 3. $1000 for bed 4. $500 misc 5. $3000 to get you through the first month This is probably much more than you would need. But you're in NYC for the first time, so try to bring more than you need. If you've... 6 3 years 5 months
You do realize you could have opened multiple...You do realize you could have opened multiple dentistry offices and could have earned more money. You failed to see the entrepreneurship opportunity. Sure you can make a lot of money in banking. But you've got to think about the difference of holding down a job versus owning a business. Unless you... 86 3 years 5 months
You can most certainly live in Manhattan but life...You can most certainly live in Manhattan but life won't be as grand as it could be. It just depends on what you're willing to sacrifice. When I was an intern, I made it through the summer comfortably off of $54k prorated. Shared a studio apartment with a co-worker, $2000/month in Brooklyn... 55 3 years 5 months
It is going to be difficult for you to land an...It is going to be difficult for you to land an offer in NYC from TX. Big4 is structured by partners who work in a separate capacity(most of the time). In all honesty, you shouldn't have gone to TX if you were planning to work in NYC. What can you do? Here are some things: 1. Get your MACC in... 11 3 years 5 months
A lot of people are being mean. My recommendation...A lot of people are being mean. My recommendation is to take a BO job until you truly decide on what you want to do. You said you read a description on IB and that's what you want to do. Well, there are kids who've completed two or three internships in IB departments. So guess what, they get... 112 3 years 5 months
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