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Audax GroupCan anyone give me information on Audax group? I've gone through the website and it looks like a strong MM shop. Any insights would be appreciated. 7 years 9 months
HeadhuntersHow do headhunters identify talent? Aside from bonus numbers, do they have any way to identify top people within banks at the analyst level? I've always wondered about this. 8 years 1 week
Why do people care so much about analyst...Why do people always ask about analyst compensation at banks? Most places pay close to street, and an extra $20,000 now is absolutely nothing in the long run. When you consider the exit opps from banking, it seems ridiculous for analyst pay to have any relevance in the decision making process. I... 8 years 4 months
Credit Suisse UKCan anyone share any insights they have on CS UK? I'm very familiar with all the CS offices in NA, but I know absolutely nothing about the UK office. 8 years 5 months
US BB's in TorontoWhich US Banks are considered to have the best offices in Toronto? Furthermore, how do the exit opps from the UBS,CS,ML Toronto offices compare to m&a groups at RBC and CIBC? 8 years 6 months


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Private Equity: How to Analyze a CIM Effectively?If you're getting a CIM from an investment banker it's probably a crappy opportunity anyways so don't stress. 3 years 4 months
CPP Private Investments exit opportunities.Hustle as much as you like but not much of a precedent for a CPP analyst jumping to KKR etc...You will get less respect for working in TO and even less for the pension fund angle, even though it is one of the few legitimate buyside jobs in TO. But hustle hard - who knows what happens, and you will... 4 years 5 months
The 120-hour week120 is brutal. Extremely hard to sustain that pace. The worst part is that it's never 7 even days - that would actually be manageable...if you are working 120 it will probably involve lots of chaos and an all-nighter or two. It is never evenly spaced- you will get crushed at some point. If the... 4 years 5 months
Area of expertise of the Big Five Canadian Banks...BMO is the nuts in Metals & Mining and Restructuring in Canada Agree on RBC comments...very strong CM and M&A 4 years 6 months
How do Mezz funds make $$$?Not really your exact question but...Mezz sort of trades off the chance of a home-run for a higher chance of a pretty good outcome. i.e. less asymmetric but more certain. If things go poorly and the mezz is fairly thin, there is zero downside protection. However, if the investment sort of muddles... 4 years 6 months
Genuity Capital Partners (Toronto)They weren't merged in to Canaccord - separate group. 4 years 6 months
Laurier vs. UofTI would go to Laurier over U of T. Laurier's coop program is legit and will give you some interesting opportunities after only a year or two in school. 4 years 8 months
Promotional Structure at MM PE FirmsAt MM funds there can often be a big divide between partners/MDs and associates. Not easy to move up. You need to convince the senior guys you bring enough to the table to justify them diluting their carry. 4 years 9 months
Canaccord Genuity: more insight, exit opp's?Solid M&A/restructuring bank...good team. You will have same opportunities as an M&A analyst from a big bank. 4 years 9 months
Gluskin Sheff - Toronto HFGluskin is a Laurier shop. In general, Laurier students want to get into investment management (i.e. fidelity, GSA) or accounting. Ivey/Queens students shoot for banking/consulting. 4 years 9 months