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Online Applications for trading firmsI go to a top 15 non target school that is not in the proximity of Chicago. The prop trading firms in Chicago do not come to my school for campus recruitment. I've heard that big banks don't look at applications posted online; are the prop trading firms any different? The firms I'm talking about... 3 years 11 months
Oil/Energy Trading superior to Prop Trading?It seems to me that a lot of people these days think that trading oil and energy is better than trading equities or fixed income and I'm not sure why. I am not familiar with oil trading companies and their business model. Can someone shed me some light on the matter? I know that a lot of prop... 3 years 11 months
From an average prop trading firm to a...If one were to end up at an average prop trading firm, would it be hard to transition into a more prestigious one later? Or would there be no point on moving if you succeed at your current firm? To my knowledge, the most prestigious prop firms deal with options market making while the lesser... 4 years 8 months
High School Math Contest Award on Resume?Top 20 non target school. Low GPA of 3.0 cumulative. High SAT with 800 Math and 800 Math lv2 800 Physics (SATII) Would my experience in high school state math competition help me? I was top 3 in the state for two years. Is this significant enough to put on my resume considering my low GPA... 4 years 9 months
What do market makers do? Also, prop trading...Could you guys tell me a little bit about how market making works? To my knowledge, market makers basically make money off the spread between bid and offer. So when a market maker sees a bid that is slightly above an offer, does he buy the security, actually hold it for a short period of time (a... 4 years 11 months


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Buyside Trader Compensation[quote=trade4size]Junior trader 3 years 11 months
Online Applications for trading firms[quote=Severus]Dunno about prop shops, but some smaller MM investment banks definitely look at online aps for S&T positions, check those out[/quote] Thanks for the advice. Could you give me some examples of MM investment banks or a link to the list of them? 3 years 11 months
How do you know you'll be 'good'...whats up with the abbreviations? trade on PA? do corp dev? 3 years 11 months
Physical Commodity Trading[quote=monty09][quote=ibintx]Great thread guys. I don't want to sidetrack this thing, but a quick side - Can someone give a brief description of what a physical energy trader actually does on a day-day basis? And what skills do you think are most important for the job?[/quote] very high... 3 years 11 months
Interview guide for Trading?Depends on the position you are seeking but if you're looking into the more quant side, 3 years 11 months
Do oil companies tend to be very bureaucraticeydey, What made you ultimately choose the oil firm over FNYS? 3 years 11 months
Best Proprietary Trading Firms - 2010[quote=eydey]what is HYP?[/quote] Harvard, Yale, Princeton. Its how we abbreviate them in America. Sometimes HYPSM to include Stanford and MIT and in finance, W is included for Wharton (UPenn's business school). 3 years 11 months
My Chances of getting into trading[quote=eydey]- trading is very competitive to get into, you will definitely need a degree. - with a community college degree you can maybe have a shot at operations, but it will be very tough to get into trading. Maybe if after the community college, you go to target school, your chances will... 3 years 11 months
Oil/Energy Trading superior to Prop Trading?[quote=marcellus_wallace]Why does 1 or the other always have the best choice on WSO? Depends on your personality and what you like. Also really depends on the firm. Some parts of Energy Trading are very prop and spec related, also its based around markets that are not equities. I find... 3 years 11 months
Oil/Energy Trading superior to Prop Trading?[quote=monty09]Its the new new thing... since 2007 I have never seen so many people interested in the space. People say energy is the future so everyone wants on thebandwagon. Its a race for human capital as the Enron, El Paso, Dynegy folks are getting older and firms are in need of young bloound.... 3 years 11 months