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Resume Experience Non-Disclosure AgreementHey guys, I am working as an intern at a boutique Investment Banking firm. As with most positions in the investment banking sector I was required to sign a non-disclosure agreement with the position. I was just wondering if anyone had advice on what is okay to list on a resume (sectors, EBITDA,... 1 3 years 4 months
old... 5 years 3 months


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Programming teaches logical reasoning, pattern...Programming teaches logical reasoning, pattern recognition, and abstract conceptualization skills that are useful in every aspect of life. 7 3 years 2 weeks
Tulip mania anyone? The bitcoin market is...Tulip mania anyone? The bitcoin market is incredibly illiquid at this point, so the volatility will be very high when large orders are placed Large volatility leads to investor panic Leads to currency crash Businesses holding bitcoins get screwed and go under The only 'true' use for bitcoins... 49 3 years 1 month
xmasboy: Google around the "Best Companies to...[quote=xmasboy]Google around the "Best Companies to Work For," you will see that BCG is ranked in top 5 every year; however, my question is that with the prestige of McKinsey, why does McKinsey never ranked in these top 100 companies to work for by the Fortune magazine? http://money.cnn. com/... 26 3 years 2 months
bendablelamps: gotcha thanks Matthias. I'm...[quote=bendablelamps]gotcha thanks Matthias. I'm guessing though I would have to secure an offer from my banking summer internship in order to be desirable to MBB, right?[/quote] You should secure the offer either way. [quote=bendablelamps] also, are the MBB recruiters aware/do they care about... 9 3 years 2 months
bendablelamps: question: would a summer...[quote=bendablelamps]question: would a summer internship at a top group in banking (think GS TMT etc) help with FT MBB? or would they be more like ehh why don't you go back to banking?[/quote] It would help a lot. If you can't spin an ibanking internship then you won't be a good consultant. Just... 9 3 years 2 months
My intuition would say F500 corp strategy. If I...My intuition would say F500 corp strategy. If I were in your shoes, I would take the HF offer though. 9 3 years 2 months
nontargetPSD92: Unless you want to go KeyBanc FT...[quote=nontargetPSD92]Unless you want to go KeyBanc FT, I'd say HLHZ - the prestige will help you with FT recruiting[/quote] What about a janitorial position at Goldman, Preftige fer dayzzzz 22 3 years 2 months
CountryUnderdog: I would think phone interview...[quote=CountryUnderdog]I would think phone interview is much like a meet and greet -- they'll save the technicals for later in all likelihood[/quote] ^ Why would you say anything if you have no clue, you're setting this kid up to bomb the interview. Had consulting phone interviews. Consisted of... 8 3 years 2 months
Stay at your current school if you are happy...Stay at your current school if you are happy there. 4.0 at a semi-target + networking hustle > 3.5ish at a target. Additionally you don't have to leave your friends or completely readjust to a new university atmosphere and lifestyle. 20 3 years 2 months
brb using incredible aesthetics and financial...brb using incredible aesthetics and financial modeling skills to conquer world 48 3 years 2 months
WallStreet Prep Master Financial Modeling