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Words of advice from HubSpot founder Brian...Should answer and help a few people on this board - even if it is just another perspective on choosing B-School. [quote] Words of advice: the do’s and don’ts of launching a start-up Be a snob “Go to the best business school you can get into because the real value of an MBA is the network... 6 months 2 days
Must know meaningless phrases for future Stock-...[quote]If you follow stock-market punditry obsessively like we do, you'll quickly notice something. A handful of analysts speak English. But the vast majority don't. Rather, they speak a language unique to the investment business. This language consists of market phrases that sound... 6 months 2 days
Facebook offers solution to end drunken postsDo any of guys still have that problem in 2015? Link 3 months 1 week
Lonely dude finds girl with same name as his ex...Would you let your gf go for this? Link 6 months 3 days
'Chronic alcoholic': what James Bond...The things you can do if you have too much time on your hands: Link 6 months 3 days
Inmate Dies After Hiding Crack Pipe in PrivatesThat's why crack is one hell of a drug ... Link 6 months 3 days
eReaderHow many of you have eReaders? Any specific models that are highly recommended? 6 months 4 days
Shaq Has Become A Titan Of BusinessRecently saw that Shaq apparently earned his doctoral degree from Barry University. The article also mentioned that he was a "business mogul". I found the below: [quote]Today, he told the crowd, he owns 40 24-Hour Fitness clubs, 155 Five Guys restaurants, a jewelry and clothing line, nightclubs... 6 months 1 week
Turkey’s top model pursuing a Ph.D. on geneticsSee here: Opinions? 6 months 1 week
Essential Business MOOCS starting in JanuarySaw this the other day and thought I'd post it up for anyone interested. Essential MOOCs 6 months 2 weeks


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Recommend books for summer readingWhen Markets Collide and Life's a pitch. 3 weeks 6 days
PE MBA Internship QuestionNetwork like crazy. You shouldn't have an issue to have 5-6 coffees a day. 1 month 3 days
Edinburgh, Nottingham, Manchester or Bocconi...Bocconi 1 month 3 days
Wharton vs Columbia MBA for internationals[quote="whattherock"] I suggest you do yourself a favor-Pick the MBA that gets you closest to your dream job.[/quote] This is a bit off-topic, so apologies to the OP. @whattherock, I've heard similar advice advice before regarding picking MBA programs. I'm wondering what school would be the... 1 month 5 days
Thoughts on HBS (Starting Out)Any update on this? 1 month 1 week
NYC Escorts are Earning over $1K/hr Catering to...[quote=AndyLouis] Dingdong08: A grand an hour? That's like a toothless crack whore... I feel like so many of these types of articles were written by someone who read Liar's Poker and are stereotyping Wall St by 1980's standards. I'm expecting one to say "I'm a bond trader bsd at Solly doing blow,... 1 month 1 week
Life after PE - the other roadGood stuff, thanks for posting. I know a similar story from a former co-worker who went and started a company out of an incubator. The company failed but he still wasn't convinced he wanted to the founder so he went to a coding boot camp in Chicago (?) and has since then joined another start up as... 1 month 1 week
Interesting European credit names?Solid performing credit, that is a clear long from my perspective. Not as sexy as some of the names you mentioned (HEMA's unsecured bonds were really sexy 2 months ago I recall) but still a good name to put down when talking to people. 1 month 1 week
Interesting European credit names?I would add R&R Ice Cream and Ovako to that list. 1 month 1 week
Oxford PPE for ibanking on Wall Street?Naturally, Oxford would position you better for recruiting in London. Are you a U.S. citizen? 1 month 1 week