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Time Limit for Staying on Sell Side?Hi Chaps, I'm currently staring down the barrel of an opportunity to switch to the buy-side from a sell side HY / DD desk, but it's to a fund which definitely isn't a top pick for distressed and is much more HY focused (distressed is where i want to focus). Is there an argument to just get... 3 weeks 6 days
Leasing Business EBITDA Hey chaps, So, when looking an companies which have D... 1 month 15 hours
European RXing docs - Towergate Because i know the difficulties of learning restructuring from the outside, particularly in Europe, below is a link of the initial docs which detail the restructuring of Towergate, a UK insurance broker which is going through a Scheme. 3 months 2 weeks
Inserting Tables / Excel into Threadswould be great if we could easily insert a table or excel screen shot into threads as a comments for when running through technicals with examples. 4 months 3 weeks
LALA Letter to Investors - the FT did a funny This made me chuckle, from the FT. Dear investor in Lex Advanced Long/Short Advisers, Time is an arbitrary concept. We draw your attention to this unappreciated point as we report performance year to date. Lala is active across the asset spectrum and we have seen what we at Lala call “... 6 months 1 week
CFA L3 Results How's it going chaps? Results day. And I'm glad to report, i'll never have to sit a CFA exam ever again. Such a good feeling!! 9 months 2 weeks
ROIC Tax Element For the tax element, some people take an assumption / effective industry rate, others use actual tax expense. Where do you chaps stand? Personally, if you take the actual tax expense paid, it makes comparisons between companies hard, but you are also giving the company the benefit of its... 1 year 3 weeks
Blackstone RR vs. Lazard M&AEDIT: I have no idea what this thread title has to do with the body, someone kindly replied to the OP body and bumped it. Apologies. EDIT #2: it was probably my using such a WSO fapptastic title to attract readers and actually get a convo off the ground..... So chaps, I've looked at a lot of... 4 months 1 week
Site All Sort of Messed UpMessages have gone back to dark ages, "buttons" missing....i dunno, everything seems to have lost its way. 1 year 2 months
The Perfect Morning Meeting Anyone in S&T will know the hell of morning meetings, how they drag on, little relevance for 50%.... Just curious what you guys think would be ideal (other than no meeting at all)? 1 year 3 months


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Edinburgh, Nottingham, Manchester or Bocconi...Ed or boc Ed is well respected and four years (more years in intern and you're doing zero face to face networking from Nottingham) Boc just churns out bankers. May need to do a masters 6 hours 24 min
Interesting European credit names?[quote=phcap]I wouldn't touch Takko or Hema. Iceland Foods is good. You should look at Follie Folli Group. It's greek so it has been thrown out by almost everyone. 5% exposure to greece in terms of revenues so even if Greece reverts back to drachma you're still doing ok. Would highly recommend... 22 hours 6 min
Private Equity Recruitment (Headhunter) - LondonThey're solid. I'd admit i don't have a profile headhunters are drawn to, but they got me in front of a top name 1 day 21 hours
End of elitismCorrelation =/= causation 2 days 13 hours
Is this shirt too flashy?If you have to ask...then generally, yes. 2 days 21 hours
The Best GMAT and MBA Business School Content on...Cheers lad! 2 days 23 hours
How to identify recently bankrupt companies? 3 days 11 hours
Interesting European credit names?[quote=Matrick]I would add R&R Ice Cream and Ovako to that list.[/quote] Why do you find R... 3 days 22 hours
Interesting European credit names?Not wholly Eur but Algeco Scotsman is an interesting credit, got multiple layers to the cap stack and easy to model out. Others: - Odeon; - Takko; - BrightHouse; - Bibby Offshore; - Punch Taverns; - Iceland Foods; - HEMA....... 4 days 16 hours
Post IB HF Compensation[quote="xqtrack"]It's an interesting point...and yeah, if you are bad the resentment is going to grow and you're fucked so you should probably get as much money as you can as quick as you can before they discover it... I think I was referring more to the scenario where you might be a good to above... 6 days 12 hours