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Sterling (GBP) Symbol Never Workswhen you type a sterling symbol this happens => £ really annoying. 3 weeks 1 day
I Didn't Think It Could Get Any Worse I was just shown a LinkedIn profile of a kid working as an Analyst who had a list of the offers he'd received through recruiting on his LinkedIn. Jesus Christ children! See picture attached to post. 2 months 2 weeks
Time Limit for Staying on Sell Side?Hi Chaps, I'm currently staring down the barrel of an opportunity to switch to the buy-side from a sell side HY / DD desk, but it's to a fund which definitely isn't a top pick for distressed and is much more HY focused (distressed is where i want to focus). Is there an argument to just get... 4 months 6 days
Leasing Business EBITDA Hey chaps, So, when looking an companies which have D... 4 months 1 week
European RXing docs - Towergate Because i know the difficulties of learning restructuring from the outside, particularly in Europe, below is a link of the initial docs which detail the restructuring of Towergate, a UK insurance broker which is going through a Scheme. 6 months 3 weeks
Inserting Tables / Excel into Threadswould be great if we could easily insert a table or excel screen shot into threads as a comments for when running through technicals with examples. 8 months 5 hours
LALA Letter to Investors - the FT did a funny This made me chuckle, from the FT. Dear investor in Lex Advanced Long/Short Advisers, Time is an arbitrary concept. We draw your attention to this unappreciated point as we report performance year to date. Lala is active across the asset spectrum and we have seen what we at Lala call “... 9 months 2 weeks
CFA L3 Results How's it going chaps? Results day. And I'm glad to report, i'll never have to sit a CFA exam ever again. Such a good feeling!! 1 year 2 weeks
ROIC Tax Element For the tax element, some people take an assumption / effective industry rate, others use actual tax expense. Where do you chaps stand? Personally, if you take the actual tax expense paid, it makes comparisons between companies hard, but you are also giving the company the benefit of its... 1 year 3 months
Blackstone RR vs. Lazard M&AEDIT: I have no idea what this thread title has to do with the body, someone kindly replied to the OP body and bumped it. Apologies. EDIT #2: it was probably my using such a WSO fapptastic title to attract readers and actually get a convo off the ground..... So chaps, I've looked at a lot of... 7 months 3 weeks


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You jelly? You jelly? 1 day 2 hours
Didn't get pasted the second sentence..... It...Didn't get pasted the second sentence..... It means nothing, people will moan, and forget about it by October 1 day 7 hours
This is a question i remember having, and never...This is a question i remember having, and never got an answer. So this is how i look at it: when you're valuing a company, you're looking for the value (most likely) at your exit or over an appropriate time frame, eg, what you'll get paid (and then the a nuance on how you get access to this value... 2 weeks 1 day
People massively underestimate the time to...People massively underestimate the time to monetise your carry in PE 2 weeks 5 days
Gray Fox: -Quality of Earnings, Intelligent...[quote="Gray Fox"] -Quality of Earnings, Intelligent Investor, Buffett letters, The Most Important Thing, You Can be a Stock Market Genius, Fooling some of the people all of the time, Accounting for Value, Financial Shenanigans, Inside the House of Money. Blue Ridge has a good reading list that... 3 weeks 19 hours
There's a much better story in the UK of a ligit...There's a much better story in the UK of a ligit homeless kid who just got straight As on all his exams and got into Cambridge (much better than the UN) 3 weeks 22 hours
I once heard "eh-bu-duh" said really quickly,...I once heard "eh-bu-duh" said really quickly, sounded the most retarded thing ever - made me question the CEO's quality.... People do the "dee ay" to avoid confusion with EBITDAR 3 weeks 2 days
AM 100% AM 100% 3 weeks 2 days
Skimming through this thread there is some really...Skimming through this thread there is some really naive and poor advice. Do a search on this site on networking and emails etc., there's a wealth of info which people can't be bothered to repeat. 3 weeks 2 days
Once you have the nod, sure be proactive and...Once you have the nod, sure be proactive and suggest times. I guarantee some guys have read this and gone "i'm busy those two days..." and then got distracted by their PA's cleavage 3 weeks 2 days