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The Best of Braverman: A Monkey's ReviewThe book is impossible to put down...two thumbs up! Thanks, Eddie! 1 year 10 months
Go Get Somebody PregnantAnd, awesome book, dude!! 1 year 10 months
Go Get Somebody PregnantI use this same technique, but instead of "baby" pressure, I pretend I'm going on a two week vacation starting Saturday. Its amazing how much work I can get done with this fake deadline in the immediate future. Good post, Eddie. 1 year 10 months
Bonus Bananas June 21, 2013Again, nicely done, brother! 2 years 1 week
The Street Before Christmas 2012As always, another great Christmas poem, Eddie. Merry Christmas to you, Mrs Braverman, and the Bravettes... 2 years 6 months
Free 6-Hour Seminar with Tim FerrissBig fan of you and Tim....thanks! 2 years 8 months
Four Years of BraverManiaGood job, dude. I want to hear more about the crazy '90s...SB !! 2 years 9 months
The Dumbest Email I've Received in a WhileI can help this kid and his friend out...I have a close relationship with the Nigerian Prime Minister who is trying to move some money to the US, and needs a couple of sharp guy like these two... 2 years 10 months
Bonus Bananas Mar 9, 2012If people would move over into the fast lane, slow down, and re-read their text before sending...we wouldn't have so many auto-correct issues. Please try to be more patient when that driver ahead of you is double-checking their text today during rush hour traffic... Another good bonus Friday,... 3 years 3 months
Whiskey Is DeliciousFor those keeping track, the only food in this pub crawl was a chili burger at 1:30pm...somehow the discussion of food never came up again until after dawn on, although we were done early, the duration and volume of alcohol were quite respectable. New Orleans welcomes Eddie home... 3 years 4 months