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'Brutally honest' cover letter leads to...As much as I hate to link anything from CNN... [quote]I was reading through some cover letters, and they were all fluff to me, everyone was embellishing and lying," Ross said. "I wanted to take a fresh approach, tell the truth, and be brutally honest.[/quote] Here is the full article. 3 months 1 week
Series 79 material for saleBrand new set of series 79 knopman text book and supplements booklet for sale. Also have series 63 book for sale. PM me if interested! 1 year 11 months
Knopman Series 7 book for saleKnopman Series 7 book for sale. In brand new condition except for a few creases on front cover from storage. Make me an offer. 3 years 5 days
Non-Target, Cold e-mailing to Multiple BB / MM SA...All, I've been reading WSO for quite a long time, but this is my first and perhaps my last serious post about myself. A bit about my background: I am a junior studying finance at a 200% Non-Target university (yes, there are baby sitting positions on my school's career site, that's how non-... 3 years 6 months
Jefferies First Round SA Non-TargetAnyone heard back from their first round phone interview yet? I am non-target, so obviously no OCR. 3 years 7 months
DB SF SA InterviewAnyone have first round interview with DB SF yet? If so, have you heard back about Super Day? 3 years 7 months
Reference checks - BoutiqueHow are the reference checks usually done at a smaller boutique shop? Do they ask the reference every single bullet point on your resume or more like just to confirm if you worked there? 4 years 5 months
Fredericks Michael & Co.Can anyone comment on Fredericks Michael & Co.? Size of deals, rep, etc? All i can find was they're focused on international M&A. 4 years 5 months
Modeling courses - Your opinion?All, First time posting, but have been lurking for quite sometime now. Currently a senior, have a few potential, but very likely interviews with some of the bigger banks. Contact I have told me about some of the technical questions asked during interviews, so I'd love to hear what you all... 4 years 12 months


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Take the PE offer and feel free to PM me as well...Take the PE offer and feel free to PM me as well. You can ALWAYS go back to banking. 1 day 12 hours
piper by far. opco is dead piper by far. opco is dead 2 days 18 hours
Woozy: The following would be the general...[quote="Woozy"]The following would be the general outline of an investment memo based on what I saw. 1. Executive Summary -> investment thesis, why the company, industry average growth rate, brief growth strategy and exit strategy 2. Source of deal - Background of seller and reason for sale (... 2 days 19 hours
You can still have a lot of impact on society...You can still have a lot of impact on society without quitting your job. Mentor program? Volunteer opportunities? If you're really looking for a challenge, try finding lower MM private equity backed companies looking for a CFO. Think you're up for it? PM me your background if you'd like. We'... 6 days 16 hours
CS SF was pretty terrible when I interviewed,...CS SF was pretty terrible when I interviewed, maybe things have changed? 1 week 1 day
my former BB - 2nd yr top bucket 195k all former BB - 2nd yr top bucket 195k all in. this may be the exception 1 week 2 days
i hope you get a reference out of it i hope you get a reference out of it 1 week 3 days
Hugh Myron: Tell them how awesome the closing...[quote="Hugh Myron"]Tell them how awesome the closing dinner at Taco Bell was.[/quote] LOL this is great 1 week 6 days
wtf wtf 2 weeks 9 hours
CMoore0520: New2PENYC: I am working in a 3-...[quote="CMoore0520"] New2PENYC: I am working in a 3-statement monthly operating model that sums 12 months into a consolidated yearly output. I have to take on a revolver and term loan one year into the model. Having trouble showing the debt paydown schedule because its by month. Any advice is much... 2 weeks 2 days