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'Brutally honest' cover letter leads to...As much as I hate to link anything from CNN... [quote]I was reading through some cover letters, and they were all fluff to me, everyone was embellishing and lying," Ross said. "I wanted to take a fresh approach, tell the truth, and be brutally honest.[/quote] Here is the full article. 2 months 1 week
Series 79 material for saleBrand new set of series 79 knopman text book and supplements booklet for sale. Also have series 63 book for sale. PM me if interested! 1 year 11 months
Knopman Series 7 book for saleKnopman Series 7 book for sale. In brand new condition except for a few creases on front cover from storage. Make me an offer. 2 years 11 months
Non-Target, Cold e-mailing to Multiple BB / MM SA...All, I've been reading WSO for quite a long time, but this is my first and perhaps my last serious post about myself. A bit about my background: I am a junior studying finance at a 200% Non-Target university (yes, there are baby sitting positions on my school's career site, that's how non-... 3 years 5 months
Jefferies First Round SA Non-TargetAnyone heard back from their first round phone interview yet? I am non-target, so obviously no OCR. 3 years 6 months
DB SF SA InterviewAnyone have first round interview with DB SF yet? If so, have you heard back about Super Day? 3 years 6 months
Reference checks - BoutiqueHow are the reference checks usually done at a smaller boutique shop? Do they ask the reference every single bullet point on your resume or more like just to confirm if you worked there? 4 years 4 months
Fredericks Michael & Co.Can anyone comment on Fredericks Michael & Co.? Size of deals, rep, etc? All i can find was they're focused on international M&A. 4 years 4 months
Modeling courses - Your opinion?All, First time posting, but have been lurking for quite sometime now. Currently a senior, have a few potential, but very likely interviews with some of the bigger banks. Contact I have told me about some of the technical questions asked during interviews, so I'd love to hear what you all... 4 years 11 months


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Witnessing a MD pitch a shit idea to a client and...Witnessing a MD pitch a shit idea to a client and getting shut down 1 day 12 hours
sdgo: He probably means that some places have...[quote="sdgo"]He probably means that some places have the bonus paid out in say mid-late August. Most PE stints start late July or right at the beginning of August, thus the 2nd year would forfeit the bonus.[/quote] I've never heard of 2nd year analysts giving up / forced to give up their bonus. 5 days 8 hours
As the above poster said, will be extremely...As the above poster said, will be extremely challenging. 5 days 8 hours
spyvspyder: The smart thing to do would be to...[quote="spyvspyder"]The smart thing to do would be to structure the deal as a 1% fee and never have to work again like RLC1 said. Screw being an associate at a PE firm.[/quote] sounds like you are not having a great experience? 5 days 8 hours
notthehospitalER: One biggie is that although...[quote="notthehospitalER"]One biggie is that although the jobs are similar at the junior level, they are significantly different in some ways - and people just prefer the work in IB. For example, people may love working on transactions but may not want to actually have to "run" a business, which is... 6 days 8 hours
Came here to say what DingDong already mentioned...Came here to say what DingDong already mentioned... $1m revenue, even at 100% EBITDA margin, it's still too small for the Big 4's. Try brokers and local boutiques. Where are you based? PM me and I may be able to recommend a few local boutiques. I work in lower middle market PE ($5m+ EBITDA), but... 1 week 1 day
W&M is not a super target like Wharton but it...W&M is not a super target like Wharton but it still is a target. I did not go there but girlfriend did. 2 weeks 17 hours
i would definitely not put $ towards a boat. too...i would definitely not put $ towards a boat. too much $ tied up in a not so liquid asset, what if you get fired / laid off? imo, better to put something you can use everyday - a nicer car or a watch. 2 weeks 4 days
the fact you think you are a finance beast is...the fact you think you are a finance beast is hilarious. your 5% growth assumption you make in your models are baseless and laughable. if you are referring to raw modeling skills, well, if you make it to buyside, you will quickly find out what you learned in banking is just the foundation. that... 2 weeks 6 days
SanityCheck: I was right there with you until...[quote="SanityCheck"]I was right there with you until you mentioned cost of living. You think your extra 10k-20k of savings for 2 years means anything in the grand scheme of things? Shit, that will just be an accounting error down the road if you continue on the finance path. Go to NYC (or the... 2 weeks 6 days