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Why did PE and VC get wrapped together?PE and VC, while in theory similar, operate under a completely separate set of rules. I liked having them separate... 11 2 months 1 week
All nighters lead to brain damage?If I had known this, I may have taken a different career path back in the day. 20 2 years 1 month
Exit Ops - The End of The Show IITo echo the post from Tier2Sta, I also handed in my resignation today after nearly 10 years in finance, primarily in IB, at both the BB and boutique level. I don't have quite the negative view that he does. There have been many times over the years that my job has absolutely sucked, but it has... 26 3 years 12 months
Econ Data - The Most Important Graphs of 2011This is a great set of graphs and data from The Atlantic: Data Dump I found the charts relating to taxes and government spending to be particularly interesting, and there were some trends that I wouldn't have necessarily expected, particularly that low marginal tax rates don't create jobs (... 1 4 years 3 months
Board of Directors as a bankerDoes anyone here have experience serving on a BOD while working as a banker? Is this common? I have recently been approached by a company, and they want me to serve on their board. I could see some potential conflicts of interest arising as the boutique I work for is active in the company's... 6 4 years 5 months
Effective DeflationI've been thinking about the new $15/month charge from Citi for not maintaining your checking account at an amount greater than $6k (most people can't). Given that they are only paying .01% on checking right now, which is 3 4 years 6 months
How to get mid-level Corp Dev Jobs from IBAnyone here have experience interviewing for mid-level corporate development jobs in tech (Sr Manager, Director, etc.) coming straight from IB? I am aware of a couple of interesting opportunities. I have connections to the groups, and I have been talking back and forth with people in each of... 7 4 years 8 months
Pagemill PartnersHas anyone on here done any work with Pagemill Partners and care to share their view of the firm, it's people? 1 4 years 9 months


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Do BBs take a lot more summer analysts than they...Do BBs take a lot more summer analysts than they used to? When I was an analyst many years ago about half of each full time class was comprised of former summer analysts. 18 3 days 23 min
As far as drinking alcohol goes, try to steer...As far as drinking alcohol goes, try to steer away from bar meetings. If I asked someone to happy hour or drinks, and they showed up and got tea or coffee, I would think they were weird for even accepting a drinks meeting. I have no problem with people that don't drink, but steer away from... 24 1 week 20 hours
BobTheBaker: p.s. Why did you just get into UIC...[quote="BobTheBaker"]p.s. Why did you just get into UIC and not UIUC?[/quote] UIC and UIUC are vastly different things. UIUC is not particularly easy to get into. 77 1 week 20 hours
GMG: Slightly off topic/ignorant questions but...[quote="GMG"]Slightly off topic/ignorant questions but Is it par for the course to borrow that much to study in the US and have such huge payments? Are graduate starting salaries higher in non finance industries to compensate?[/quote] That actually is less debt than many people take on, and no,... 77 1 week 20 hours
hansolom: If all things were equal and two...[quote="hansolom"]If all things were equal and two candidates were being decided on the person from the known school would likely get called first. Things are rarely ever equal however. Recruiters typically like kids from schools they know well (not just in name but in quality). [/quote] I want... 77 1 week 1 day
My question is why did you only get 5 interviews...My question is why did you only get 5 interviews? How many head hunters were you working with? Did you hit it off with any of them? They will push for candidates that they like to get them into more first rounds. 48 1 week 2 days
MS all day long. It's a better brand, and it's...MS all day long. It's a better brand, and it's in NYC. If you do well, you might be able to move around. The social aspect of being in NYC vs Princeton for a recent college grad should not be discounted. 4 1 week 5 days
So the consensus in this thread seems to be that...So the consensus in this thread seems to be that ND places better for the E Coast and Chicago, while USC places better on the W Coast. Does the OP prefer one over the other? Also, where are the most finance jobs (assuming that's what the OP wants to do)? As someone originally from the Midwest,... 93 2 weeks 2 days
LonghornLarry: I would love to hear how you...[quote="LonghornLarry"]I would love to hear how you went about moving to Denver - considering something similar. What was recruiting like and did you go through a headhunter?[/quote] Most of my interviews came through intros from my MDs. Had a couple of senior guys who were really helpful, and I... 51 2 weeks 5 days
SSits: ladIBird:What about if the absence is...[quote="SSits"] ladIBird:What about if the absence is due to health reasons? I have to go to the hospital for 5 hours every 8 weeks because of a chronic condition. Would you advise mentioning it during the recruiting process?No. Don't mention it during the recruiting process. It will only work... 42 3 weeks 1 day
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