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Relationship Question: Not the usual oneSo, as someone who used to be on the answering side of this, I was hoping for various viewpoints on what I should do. I'm going to dismiss the money before hoes answers straight off the bat. If you have that opinion, express it in more words and make your case. My situation is as follows:... 2 months 1 week
Pitching an idea to an existing company for their...I've got an idea which would work as a standalone product, but would work best with an appservice such as Uber (taxi service company)bolting it on to their existing offering. Assuming I have no contacts within the company (happy to cold call), how would you go about getting the opportunity to pitch... 9 months 3 weeks
Hardest "tell me about a time when"...As title suggests, want to get a list of them, faced some odd ones recently that caught me out. Want to really have a stab at getting more covered. 1 year 2 months
Help me go to CanadaCareer change time everyone, and The good news is I know exactly what I want from my career now. The bad news is I'm lower on contacts in Canada than I would like to be. Me: uk passport / Brit Fluent french ( worked in Quebec for a stint) Solid numerical skills, ex currency trader but want... 1 year 4 months
New Year's Resolutions!Starting this one early, and publicly, since i'm going to mexico tomorrow until 2nd week in jan. Booohoooo rich parents sob sob. My NY Resolutions in no particular order: Learn German (gf is german). Target goal, be able to have a normal conversation without assistance with someone. Awesome... 1 year 8 months
Cold Applying to an BB (Not entry level position)Found a few BB's that have desks in what I do pretty well (FX trading). One has a huge number of my school (when I was 12-18 years old, not ) in (werent exactly friends with), and the other I dont know anyone in currently. I can make a convincing pitch for what I do, would you contact a trader... 1 year 8 months
Networking mail helpReaching out to someone pretty senior at one of the exchanges (MD), who I know from the place I used to work. He really liked me and we got on well. I've found a few job listings at places I believe he'd be connected to, but also he might know of job roles that I don't or people that know people... 1 year 9 months
Anyone on here work at Blackrock?About to apply and have a few questions. Would be really appreciated (im a cert. user so not a random college kid). 1 year 10 months
Where to work? (have experience and record)About me: Currently equities trader, want to become FX trader. I have some experience in FX, I currently trade as an aside of my equity activities EM currencies, on a short/medium term positions. Current company does not have a currency desk. Self taught. Returns are about 2-4%/month at... 1 year 10 months
Why Engrish is so important I hope this came from a russian stockbroker, mainly because the accent makes it funnier ("we are sinking" anybody?) Getting in on that Twitter IPO? Guess again.... 1 year 10 months


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If your life is in any way affected by the haters...If your life is in any way affected by the haters, in anything other than motivation to succeed, then they've won. 1 month 1 week
Thanks for the mostly helpful comments so far. We...Thanks for the mostly helpful comments so far. We have started to have serious chats about this. The major challenge I have is while a lot of people say they didn't want kids in life and later change their mind. I'm really not sure that will happen to me. I am a little odd in that regard, so very... 2 months 1 week
Thanks, where are you located ( just trying to...Thanks, where are you located ( just trying to understand what's behind your view ) 2 months 1 week
Another one of these posts that lets people blame...Another one of these posts that lets people blame their start in life for where they finished. It's amazing that many of the people in the top jobs don't deserve them, and many of the people in the bottom jobs, deserve the top jobs. As viewed through the eyes of people in the bottom jobs. Yes... 2 months 1 week
We've been together just over 2 years. Sorry for...We've been together just over 2 years. Sorry for omitting. We do see each other pretty regularly (once a fortnight - occasional exceptions), thanks to half a million air miles. 2 months 1 week
Military Special Forces. To be part of a team...Military Special Forces. To be part of a team bound by life and death, closest thing to a brotherhood. If it wasn't for the pointless wars we seem to be sent on these days, I'd have done a few years military (I'm UK). I dont see any glory or heroism in it, the being part of something like that is... 4 months 1 week
As much as I admire Gates, his no shit Sherlock...As much as I admire Gates, his no shit Sherlock conclusion on this one ranks pretty high up on the all time list. Those that received their money from someone passing it on to them rather than donating it away, are less likely to donate it away, whereas if their ancestor had donated it away,... 4 months 1 week
If you have to ask, either I wish my gf had the...If you have to ask, either I wish my gf had the attitude of yours, or you're so far in the closet, you're having tea with Mr Tumnus 5 months 2 weeks
Look on the bright side, this is the 2nd hardest...Look on the bright side, this is the 2nd hardest front to back transition you could do. Took me a year of begging for the hardest one.... 5 months 2 weeks
A place that isn't well known, has character and...A place that isn't well known, has character and purpose. We went to the Vintage Cocktail Club ( a 1950's style cocktail bar hidden away in a side street) and the Queen of Tarts, a bakery/cafe that made a range of cakes to make every girl melt a little inside. 6 months 1 week