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Theranos Revisited - How did it get to this stage?I'm trying to understand what I'm looking at here, as the observations appear to contradict each other, so I'm clearly missing something. Overview from my understanding (and feel free to correct anything I get wrong), is new blood test that is super accurate and cheap to do revolutionises blood... 9 3 days 4 hours
Living with partner in a property you ownSo, hoping to get an outside and independent view on this. My gf of 3 years has left her job in her home town (a german multinational manufacturer in a town of 200k people ), to move to London, taking a job at a nasdaq listed giant. During discussions about our living arrangements, the options... 3 2 weeks 2 days
Thinking of going into audit when graduating? Do...Hey all. I was initially asked to do a webinar about this, but since WSO focussed away from my field, it would be morally wrong for me not to share this with you. I'm working at one of the big 4 (doesnt matter which as all are doing it, just we're ahead - shots fired). I'm not an... 14 2 months 2 weeks
Sent personal email from work addressSo I sent a personal email from my work address to my girlfriend (didnt switch to hotmail from work on the iphone). Assume the contents were fairly bad. A 6 or 7/10 in terms of how bad they were, but nothing too explicit. Am I worrying for no reason? Any IT people here that can put my mind... 55 6 months 6 days
Big 4 Data Analytics - London referralsHey WSO, So I work in a big 4 london office, in their risk assurance practice, which covers a bridge between assurance and consulting. If you'd like a referral, we can have a quick chat about what you're looking for from the job(i'm not putting my name to anyone), I can help a little with... 7 months 4 weeks
Looking for a breast cancer specialist to see if...This isn't anything related to finding a cure, but I had an idea that could really help detection at an earlier stage, but I'd like to speak to an actual expert in the field to see if it would be relevant. Being in the finance fields myself I dont know anyone, but I had a really simple thought,... 8 months 8 hours
Relationship Question: Not the usual oneSo, as someone who used to be on the answering side of this, I was hoping for various viewpoints on what I should do. I'm going to dismiss the money before hoes answers straight off the bat. If you have that opinion, express it in more words and make your case. My situation is as follows:... 32 10 months 1 week
Pitching an idea to an existing company for their...I've got an idea which would work as a standalone product, but would work best with an appservice such as Uber (taxi service company)bolting it on to their existing offering. Assuming I have no contacts within the company (happy to cold call), how would you go about getting the opportunity to pitch... 1 year 5 months
Hardest "tell me about a time when"...As title suggests, want to get a list of them, faced some odd ones recently that caught me out. Want to really have a stab at getting more covered. 5 1 year 10 months
Help me go to CanadaCareer change time everyone, and The good news is I know exactly what I want from my career now. The bad news is I'm lower on contacts in Canada than I would like to be. Me: uk passport / Brit Fluent french ( worked in Quebec for a stint) Solid numerical skills, ex currency trader but want... 1 2 years 3 weeks


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fraoz02: LGBT should not be included on...[quote="fraoz02"]LGBT should not be included on diversity recruitment. Some white kid can just say he is a gay and get into these programs. Also why is sexual orientation even considered during recruitment..?[/quote] i've heard that they bring a LGBTQ employee along to the process to make sure you... 16 2 weeks 1 day
Brady4MVP: Jesus christ. This was at an...[quote=Brady4MVP]Jesus christ. This was at an interview? I'm guessing given the difficulty it was either Jane Street or DE Shaw.[/quote] I'm guessing he did a stats heavy course at university/grad level, and the interviewer had too. Neither of those companies will ask you about concepts you... 192 2 weeks 3 days
Agreed, anyone giving a card knows they're giving...Agreed, anyone giving a card knows they're giving out their phone number. Phone calls are harder to ignore than an email. He knows he's given you an opportunity, grab it by the balls and have the courage to talk to him. Says way more than a thousand words. 17 3 weeks 6 days
Managerette: This has been done for years. This...[quote="Managerette"]This has been done for years. This was done back when I was in the Big 4 6 years ago. Data analysis is great for some things, but computers don't think like people. Sure, you can analyze and entire data set and look for outliers - but it doesn't address unexpected risks which... 14 2 months 2 weeks
BTOWN: Disclosure: I will not respond to anyone...[quote="BTOWN"]Disclosure: I will not respond to anyone that attacks me or my faith. So if you don't agree with me, please be an adult about it.It's extremely important to me. I don't feel the need to reconcile my faith with my work because the Bible is full of faithful Believers that were also... 50 2 months 3 weeks
Esuric: The U.S. health care system has the...[quote="Esuric"]The U.S. health care system has the highest rates of cancer survival, survival from infectious disease, shortest wait time to see a physician, most MRIs per 1000 and the highest rates of customer satisfaction.The WHO rates the U.S. system low because, rather than measuring the... 53 3 months 1 week
undefined: Are saying that Asians are different...[quote="undefined"]Are saying that Asians are different and arent/shouldnt be considered Americans even if they were born and raised here? Not sure how traveling to a different country and being born and raised in a country are one and the same...[/quote] Do you consider yourself the same as... 101 4 months 3 weeks
undefined: Let me ask you a question then, how...[quote="undefined"]Let me ask you a question then, how many times have you been asked what your ethnic heritage is and do you know why this question is asked? It essentially means, hey you are different and not an American. This is not being curious about someone's background. I highly doubt... 101 4 months 3 weeks
no 7 year student debtno 7 year student debt 44 4 months 3 weeks
Be more interested in the training and...Be more interested in the training and opportunities to explore. SIG are a lot more corporatey. There is a good chance of someone interviewing you at DRW in a penguin suit, to compare the two on an anecdote. 12 4 months 4 weeks
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