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Japanese Earthquake: First Hand ExperienceIt's 11:25AM, I'm at the office watching the Nikkei tumble and snapping away at my model while aftershocks continue. About half the people weren't able to make it to work because not all train lines are running. I don't know why most people, including myself are here- aftershocks the between the... 7 5 years 1 month
The World BeyondYou graduated with that econ/finance degree from a target, did your 2-3 year analyst stint, 2 years MBA, and did the 2-3 years PE associate gig. Now what? "Traditional" Course 4 years undergrad 3 years analyst 2 years MBA 3 years PE You're most likely 28-30 years old at this point. You... 5 5 years 2 months
College Sports Dynasties: The Rises, the Falls,...I hope avid fans of college sports dynasties can relate to this. The loss of luster of many schools that absolutely dominated in their respective sports in earlier eras is an ordeal many supporters and alumni shed tears over. I am an IU alumni and almost every game over the past 3 years has... 34 5 years 2 months
Lateral transfer from Japanese bank in Tokyo to...I'm currently a first year analyst in DCM at a Japanese BB in Tokyo. Not gonna lie, I fucking hate it. I'm fluent in the language so initially I thought it'd be a good experience for the future (I definitely intended on working at a bank in the states before going buy-side) but now I see my flaw of... 1 5 years 6 months


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depends on the time frame but for longer periods...depends on the time frame but for longer periods 90% of the time i'd go long on developed nations. after all these double digit growths subside and the smoke clears people will invest where they know their money will grow and be safe at the same time. it's only a matter of time when political and... 21 3 years 6 months
dude, doing it right now it fucking blows balls...dude, doing it right now it fucking blows balls with a goddamn shotgun. 9am - 3am / 4am (2nd yr analysts come in around 10am) and then most weekends are just like a normal workday (~12pm till 1 or 2am). the earliest i've left was at 11pm one night because i had to stay 3 days in a row for a pagent... 88 4 years 5 months
three words bro: work. in. asia. done dizzlethree words bro: work. in. asia. done dizzle 100 4 years 7 months
what would the potential effects of jp not buying...what would the potential effects of jp not buying merrill immediately have been? as in what if jp, or any other firm for the matter, waited out like barcap did for merrill to go bankrupt and then buy it up at a deep discount? my guess is further defaults, further uncleared securities, and... 7 4 years 7 months
feeling the same way lately- it's work on...feeling the same way lately- it's work on weekends and work on holidays and work until 5 fucking am everyday. thought this was what i wanted and as much as i truly enjoy the job, these hours fucking blow. but then payday comes around. anotha day anotha dolla makin hoes in the clubs holla. 59 4 years 8 months
although i lateralled, turned 24 and got hired as...although i lateralled, turned 24 and got hired as a 1st yr analyst at a BB with a third of your credentials this year. you're golden homes don't sweat it. 13 4 years 10 months
damn happy this really went downhill. but really...damn happy this really went downhill. but really guys?.. you gotta hate cuz someone went to a less known school, partied their ass off, and now has a better job than you? and then some of you go on to talk shit about the field you're trying to get a job in on an internet forum that's created to... 94 4 years 10 months
seriously bro just lay back and kick it. god...seriously bro just lay back and kick it. god knows when the next time you'll be able to relax. if you've gotten this far you know your shit and i highly doubt your actual technical knowledge is gonna make that much of a difference. just keep up to date with what's goin on and enjoy the last few... 8 4 years 10 months
haha damn these haters got a stick up their asses...haha damn these haters got a stick up their asses like no other. good for your friend happy. 94 4 years 10 months
DurbanDiMangus: Few notes re:jr.bankers --the...[quote=DurbanDiMangus]Few notes re:jr.bankers --the junior guys in banking are subjected to an unholy degree of bitchslapping with no way to climb out. The jr.trader does also, but he can climb out of his hole by showing intellectual / trading superiority (relative to other jrs), which is... 16 4 years 10 months
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