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Maxing out 401(k) as a first year analyst?The max 401(k) contribution this year is $17,500. On a first year analyst comp (~120k salary+projected bonus), does it make sense to contribute all $17,500? That is a sizable chunk that greatly affects my monthly budget. Also, it seems like I'd likely be ineligible for a Roth IRA if it takes... 37 2 years 1 week
LBO Financing and Investment BanksJust trying to figure out the relationship between collateralized loan obligations (CLOs) and LBO financing. When an investment bank syndicates a loan, who is providing the capital? Is it the bank itself, or does it simply accumulate capital from other sources (institutional investors) and collect... 6 2 years 1 week
Private Equity DatasetsAnyone know where I can obtain datasets on PE metrics (e.g., historical EBITDA multiples, etc.) for free? 2 2 years 2 weeks
KKR Summer Analyst?I know KKR took 1 or 2 analysts out of undergrad this year. Anyone know if they'll be taking summers as well? 1 2 years 4 months
MOIC vs. IRR - Interview QuestionLet's say you have two investment opportunities. One has a higher MOIC, one has a higher IRR. Which do you prefer? 5 2 years 7 months
LBO - What to do with extra cash?In an LBO scenario, if the company has extra cash after paying mandatory debt amortization, what’s the most accretive thing to do with that extra cash (use it in a discretionary sweep to voluntarily prepay debt; pay yourself a dividend; etc.)? 17 2 years 7 months
How do dividends affect MOIC?Typically we calculate MOIC as exit equity price divided by entry equity price. But what if you're paying yourself dividends with extra cash flow generated by the company, or you do a dividend recap, etc.? Do you add these dividend amounts to the exit equity price when calculating MOIC? 7 2 years 7 months
A Few Interview Questions I Need Help WithWas just curious as to the answers to the following. Any help is much appreciated. 1. Why do we tax-effect EBIT when calculating unlevered free cash flow? 2. How are the three financial statements affected by a $20 decrease in inventory? 3. What's the difference between GAAP and tax... 1 2 years 7 months
CCMP Capital - Any up-to-date info? Any up-to-date info on them? Interviews / exit opps / prestige? 6 1 week 2 days
BX M&A/R&R/PE 2014 RecruitingJust curious if BX has wrapped up their recruiting for 2014 analysts for M&A/R&R and PE? According to their career website, there are no longer postings for M&A/R&R, but there is still a posting for PE. 2 2 years 7 months


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Marcus_Halberstram: They weren't running around...[quote=Marcus_Halberstram]They weren't running around 9 West 57th like Flloyd Mayweather using wads of 100 dollar bills as a door stop...[/quote] I bet this happens more often than you think 88 1 year 10 months
Absolutely NO chance for a MF or upper MM, but...Absolutely NO chance for a MF or upper MM, but you might have a shot at a smaller shop. 3 1 year 10 months
GPA matters far more than Latin honors. Every...GPA matters far more than Latin honors. Every school has different policies on granting Latin honors, some handing them out to over half the class while others handing them out to only 10 or 20%. Further, some schools grant Latin honors based on GPA alone, while others factor in extracurriculars,... 4 1 year 11 months
You make it sound like PE vs. IB is a choice most...You make it sound like PE vs. IB is a choice most people have, when in fact it's not. In any given year, there's 15-20 spots for MF PE analysts. Compare that to close to 1,000 spots for BB IB analysts. 20 1 year 11 months
Which MF are you at this summer (you said KKR/BX/...Which MF are you at this summer (you said KKR/BX/Apollo in your other post)? I assume it's BX since they have a history of taking random ND kids. Haven't heard of KKR or Apollo taking ND kids in the past. Also, are you doing PE or something else (e.g., capital markets, fundraising, etc.)? 32 1 year 11 months
Had a friend who interviewed with them this cycle...Had a friend who interviewed with them this cycle. The analyst program is sourcing-heavy. You won't be cold calling, but you'll be doing tons of industry research and not much modeling. Also, if you take a look at their current analysts/associates, they tend to be mostly non targets (e.g.,... 6 1 year 12 months
I should note, by "average" I meant those outside...I should note, by "average" I meant those outside of the top analysts in the top groups (e.g., GS TMT/MS M... 17 2 years 5 days
MFs (e.g., KKR/BX/etc.) will take top BB/EB kids...MFs (e.g., KKR/BX/etc.) will take top BB/EB kids Upper MMs (e.g., THL/MDP/etc.) will take average BB/EB kids PE firms below upper MM will take below-average BB/EB kids and top/better than average MM IBD kids (i.e., you, assuming you perform well). For your "ultimate" goal of bschool, Stifel... 17 2 years 5 days
I'm not sure I understand the relevance of...I'm not sure I understand the relevance of whether the bank deducts 401(k) contributions from your bonus. I thought you just tell the bank you want to contribute $x / x%, and they take it out of every paycheck, like so: Assuming you're paid semi-monthly and want to contribute the max employer... 37 2 years 1 week
The max 401(k) contribution is $17,500/year,...The max 401(k) contribution is $17,500/year, which translates to ~$1,458/month. But I see some of you commenting I should only contribute up to my employer match (e.g., if my BB fully matches up to 6%, then I should only contribute 70,000*.06=4,200/year or 350/month). Is it common for most BBs to... 37 2 years 1 week
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