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How to become less socially retarded (serious)?If you have a problem just breaking the ice with people, you might try to define your role for a while as a quality "wing man." Or if you are going out with a few guys, figure out what you can contribute to your group's objectives. For instance, I am not that great of a point-man or icebreaker.... 4 years 7 months
General Mills FLDP Programwhat a loaf of bread looks like depends a lot on how hungry you are 4 years 8 months
favorite movies - non financeThe Usual Suspects. Dangerous Liaisons (i got dumped by a girl once, who let me crash on her couch that night and popped that movie into the vcr before leaving me to my misery) 4 years 8 months
Finding Investment OpportunitiesIf you have been paying attention recently, something has been flash-crashing just about every day. Sometimes it's after hours or an instrument that falls outside the parameters your boss gave you, but if you are willing to stare at a screen for 6 and a half hours and pee into a gatorade bottle (... 4 years 8 months
Meat on the Street[quote=vanillathunder12]... pasta, mac and cheese, eggs (not meat, chickens will lay eggs regardless of if they are fertilized or not), and mashed potatoes.[/quote] I think the meat/no meat/different meats is only part of Edmundo's problem. The other part is he is 5'9" and TWO HUNDRED AND... 4 years 8 months
Meat on the StreetEat often, as in closer to 6 mini-meals a day. Get in the habit of drinking mainly water. Try to limit your meats to skinless chicken and turkey, and salmon (or whatever healthy fish, some like tuna). Snack on fruits. Calorie count. I know it sounds tedious, but you don't have to get nazi... 4 years 8 months
Opinionated financial news/blogsI like zero hedge. Lines like "Who cares what Benny and the Inkjets blink in morse code when you have the one and only..." make me laugh. 4 years 8 months
Best 5 Financial Shows on Television?I like Options Action, but idk if you consider that a part of Fast Money or not. And lets not forget the show with the best information on how to get rich--American Greed! 4 years 8 months
Favorite Business AuthorsFrank Partnoy (Infectious Greed) 4 years 9 months
Did anyone go to see Wall St 2?Imagine having an older brother (wall street the movie) that you idolized, but who went away on a long journey for 20 years and has been out of touch. Then, when you finally reunite, you learn that he talks to himself, married a dude, wears tinfoil hats to protect himself from government mind... 4 years 9 months