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Most Badass Special Forces? The Spetsnaz is pretty hardcore, but I think I'm going to agree with their ranking of the SAS at #1. Does anyone else deserve an honorable mention? [quote]Whereas most of the training regimens of militaries around... 111 5 years 1 month
What's to Stop America From Pulling an Adolf...We've all heard of the massive deficits in America and how much we owe to the rest of the world. So here's a simple solution. Borrow all the money for our entitlement programs from foreigners and when it's time to pay up, we say "What money?" It's not like anyone has the balls go to war with a... 95 5 years 1 month
What Do All These Analysts Do?A search on glassdoor revealed that investment banks have a lot of different analysts (no surprise.) I'll use the search results for Morgan Stanley as my sample population. The website lists salaries for: 126 Analysts 49 Financial Analysts 31 Operations Analysts 27 Investment Banking Analysts... 4 5 years 1 month
Baller Office SpaceYou started a business and it's successful beyond your wildest dreams. Your budget is unlimited and your job is to create the most baller office space this world has ever seen. What features would you include and where would it be located? Specifically, what kind of unique features would you... 35 5 years 1 month
At What Stage of the Game Do Investors Come to...We all know that an inexperienced hedge fund manager, with no track record has a tough time attracting potential investors. At what stage of the game do potential investors find YOU? Would a 5 year track record, with 20%+ annualized returns and $5 million AUM be enough, or not even close? Since... 10 5 years 1 month
NYC Semi-Targets I am currently at a non-target, majoring in Finance and would like to transfer at some point in the next year or so. I don't really want to leave the Long Island or NYC area because I don't really want to be more than a train ride away from home with my father's current health. Plus, NYC has a ton... 44 5 years 1 month
Criminal Record and Options Clearance?Someone I have been friends with for a long time (think backyard kickball) made a few bad decisions in high school and sort of spent the next 4-5 years as the local "Don of Marijuana." He has been arrested on a number of occasions, but he is now trying to straighten out his life. He now owns two... 7 5 years 1 month
$20,000 Dollars?Hypothetically speaking, how much would it cost to get an investment banking analyst to leak information? $20,000, $30,000, or a guaranteed job at a prominent hedge fund when you finish your investment banking stint? Since investment banking analysts make about $130,000 per year and the powers that... 12 5 years 1 month
PWM Leads?Do firms usually give employees a list of leads? Or are employees usually expected to generate their own leads? Are employees aloud to bring the list home? My parents are an hour and a half train ride away from NYC, so I figured I could kill 2 birds with one stone by living with them for 1-3... 10 5 years 1 month
Best Jobs in Sales?I've been looking into different career options in finance and think I would be best suited for sales. My question is, what are the best kinds of sales jobs to shoot for? Is it easier to get a prestigious sales position, than than an ER or IBD position? I'm also willing to work for 100% commission... 16 5 years 1 month


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freshbiz1: xxx I would definitely agree that...[quote=freshbiz1]xxx[/quote] I would definitely agree that the GS guys in Utah, for the most part have a higher quality of life than the GS guys in New York. But, I would also argue, that the top 10% in New York have a much higher quality of life, than the top 10% in Utah. 49 2 months 1 week
boutiquebank4life: is mike = mike the situation...[quote=boutiquebank4life]is mike = mike the situation 'cause he is just as retarded[/quote] There's a reason you work at a boutique. I can make more money than you by working as a construction worker and investing in LEAPS on undervalued assets. Without giving the MD a rimjob... 95 5 years 1 month
Well I was expecting to get more monkeyshit...Well I was expecting to get more monkeyshit thrown at me for this thread, but the situations I have proposed may very well be unethical, but do not disregard them just because of that. There are probably better and more practical scenarios that I did not state, but never underestimate the power of... 95 5 years 1 month
HireUp212: mike55555: 1) Foreign debtors get...[quote=HireUp212][quote=mike55555]1) Foreign debtors get screwed. 2) Iraq become a colony. 3) Venezuela becomes a colony. 4) South America makes our cheap shit, because China won't like us anymore. Is that really enough to warrant the end of civilization? No one wants the end of civilization... 95 5 years 1 month
So this is why it takes me 12 hours to get 1 hour...So this is why it takes me 12 hours to get 1 hour of homework done... 5 5 years 1 month
mfoste1: ok, by badass do you mean most...[quote=mfoste1]ok, by badass do you mean most ruthless and corrupt? bump this fucker.....[/quote] The most lethal killing machine. 111 5 years 1 month
LOL at cripple fight. Seriously though, if it...LOL at cripple fight. Seriously though, if it wasn't for Special Forces doing their job, I'm sure there would be a hell of a lot more terrorist attacks. 111 5 years 1 month
My high school had teachers making $130,000 per...My high school had teachers making $130,000 per year. There's also cops that make over $200,000 per year. Long Island is sick. 95 5 years 1 month
Practice makes perfect. Also remember that there...Practice makes perfect. Also remember that there is a 3 second stop rule at stop signs. 27 5 years 1 month
I can only imagine what the teacher unions will...I can only imagine what the teacher unions will demand, if they had to work year round. I might have to get my masters in education. I might be able to make $200,000 per year by teaching kids how to play in a virtual stock contest. 95 5 years 1 month
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