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Macquarie or BMO Capital MarketsDepends on your office and sector. If you are based in Toronto / Canada... BMO decimates anything else in Metals... 5 years 4 months
BMO Financial SponsorsTDS is kicking everyone's asses (in terms of size) in the Canuck league tables. That being said, BMOCM has done a decent amount of financings in the last Q, despite being known for it's M&A team. 7 years 8 months
Research Associate -- salary + bonusAnalysts at my shop make in the millions with bonus. I am a post-MBA associate (there are two levels, the post undergrad ones and the post MBA ones) and I make 85% of what my IB friends make. Except, I work 75% as much as them. 7 years 8 months
Best Canadian BSchool not Ivey?Schulich needs to stop letting in bank tellers and maybe then it'll get some cred on bay st. Btw - our first years (at Rotman) are killing the Bay st. banking (and S... 8 years 3 months
Commercial Banking to MBA to I-Banking AssociateJust go to a target school and your experience, esp. if you have provided corporate credit in banking deals will help. Also, know exactly why you want banking and why you did not/could not do it before. 8 years 3 months
IBD in Dubai?IBD in Dubai would be better from the Associate level on. 8 years 3 months
Anyone attending/graduated from Richard Ivey?I have friends who graduated from Ivey. Ivey was historically the best in Canada for the MBA because it pioneered the case based approach in Canada. Something it is no longer the best at and it is not the best "finance" school in Canada, that distinction goes to Rotman, which is also ranked in FT... 8 years 3 months
Muslims in I-BankingI am Muslim. I've worked in Finance, and half my family are current or ex-bankers. The spirit of the law in Islam was to protect people from unscrupulous money-lenders 1,4xx years ago who were not unlike the mafia money lenders we see charging 100% interest and breaking legs. This classification... 8 years 4 months
Regional Boutiques Investment Bank List by CityThanks a lot dude. 8 years 4 months
best groups at citi ibdTheir European TMT group is strong, from what I hear. 8 years 5 months