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Natural Gas LiquidsWith natural gas prices at decade lows, companies are switching to natural gas liquids. The economic viability of many shale projects based on gas is now in jeopardy and we are seeing a large shift to the sweet crude and liquid projects. Natural gas liquids include propane, butane, pentane,... 3 years 10 months
How to Capitalize On Low Natural GasWith the AECO spot price under $2, and the Henry Hub price at the mid $2 range, many investors are running away from gas stocks all together. Investors are also trying to play “hero” as they try to time the bottom of prices and so far have gotten burned. The low gas prices have created a great... 3 years 10 months
Valuing Oil and Gas Service CompaniesValuing oil and gas service companies versus oil and gas producers is far more standard. Oil and Gas service providers are generally lagging stocks when it comes to a rise in oil, and that makes it a great time to find some undervalued stocks. Most commonly oil and gas service companies are... 3 years 11 months
Net Asset Value Part 2 - Are all NAV comparable?With most oil companies largely evaluated on their net asset value, and no standard guidelines for NAV reserve value, are they all comparable? It is important to analyze the capital requirements needed to bring the reserves to production. If they are significant this could lead to trading at a... 3 years 11 months
Net Asset Value “NAV” (Part 1)Net Asset Value “NAV” – Part 1 Net Asset Value is a key component when trying to value an oil and gas company. It is a value of the company based on the production and sale of all of its producing and future producing assets. The estimated amount of reserves is taken from an engineering... 3 years 11 months
Is Calgary the Next Financial Powerhouse of the...As the oil and gas industry grew over the last few decades more companies have made their headquarters in Calgary, alongside that came the growth of financial firms. With Calgary as a booming location for worldwide investment capital, and a center point for the commodity industry, the future... 3 years 11 months
Valuing Oil and Gas Companies (E&P)How to Value Oil & Gas Companies (E&P) We are all familiar with the three valuation methodologies; discounted cash flows, comparables and ratio analysis, but not all companies in all industries can be valued the same. Oil and gas companies offer a unique problem of valuation due to their... 3 years 12 months


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Sorry guys, just noticed a paragraph forgot to be...Sorry guys, just noticed a paragraph forgot to be included, which is basically costs that must be subtracted from your NAV calculation, it is edited above and I included it below. Another step to yield the NAV is to take your price estimate for the commodity and calculate your Netback, or your... 3 years 11 months
rufiolove: London calling: Tom C Wach: The...[quote=rufiolove][quote=London calling][quote=Tom C Wach] The calculation is done by multiplying the total yearly production estimates by the annual commodity price estimates to get an annual cash flow. This is also commonly discounted to present value net asset value “PNAV”. [/quote] Oh... 3 years 11 months
16rl: Hey guys, Im writting my thesis about...[quote=16rl]Hey guys, Im writting my thesis about carbon emmission taxes (EU ETS) and its effect on electricity prices in the EU, im currentely reading Energy trading and investing by David Edwards; do you guys know any good/must read books about electricity and energy in general ? Im also... 3 years 11 months
Good group to join if your interested in Calgary...Good group to join if your interested in Calgary..... 3 years 11 months 3 years 11 months
Given that you work in Calgary, do you have any...Given that you work in Calgary, do you have any advice for someone trying to get in, not having any connections in the industry? 3 years 11 months
A great book to read on this topic is, Stampede...A great book to read on this topic is, Stampede - The Rise of the West and Canada’s New Power Elite and two links for related articles; 3 years 11 months
agreed that P/E ratios are fairly useless, but...agreed that P/E ratios are fairly useless, but they are commonly mentioned on equity research reports, mainly for large caps like Suncor and CNQ...... That being said, cash flow is the most important metric. Lots of companies now that have 40-50% gas are trading at sufficient discounts, but... 3 years 12 months
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