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What is appropriate analyst compensation?I have been with my employer (~$12B AUM long-only shop), picking stocks as the #2 person behind the PM for the last 5 years. Our fund is ~$2.5B of the $12B overall AUM. I have my CFA and an MBA from a top program and 6 years of solid, relevant experience before that. To be blunt, my stocks... 3 years 4 months
winter hatsAny thoughts on fashionable winter hats that are also functional? The skullcap seems a little too pedestrian, but it is functional. Any thoughts would be appreciated. 4 years 5 months


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Picking a major-Classical Studies vs. Econ(deleted) 3 years 4 months
Starting a Small "Hedge Fund"(deleted) 3 years 4 months
Looking at Getting into Hedge Funds, But..(deleted) 3 years 4 months
Didn't Finish GMAT(deleted) 3 years 4 months
What is appropriate analyst compensation?LAWM - Our portfolio usually has about 45 stocks, and I am responsible for about a third of that. We are bottoms up, long-term investors. I don't know what you mean by default screens - we have screening tools that we use, but that is a pretty rudimentary step. We are pretty theme-free, just... 3 years 4 months
What is appropriate analyst compensation?MCC - I have changed the thread title because it is misleading, as you said. At first I was going to disclose my pay, but thought I would get a better series of responses by not putting that anchor out there. Ravenous - Yes, 11 years experience total (6 prior to MBA at other employer, 5 at... 3 years 4 months
Gonna A Run A DCF, Need Ideas for Companies to UseIf this is your first DCF and you just need to show to your teacher that you mastered the basics, then just stick to the basics and keep it really super-simple. O... 3 years 4 months
Hedge Fund Compensation in a Banner YearD-Rock, I know this thread is a little stale but was curious how things have been working out? 4 years 1 month
How many birds are in the bush?HF, no doubts or questions about it whatsoever. There is no debate. Do it now and do not look back. 4 years 2 months
Lone Pine Capital SA vs BB IBD SALone Pine is a top-notch hedge fund with very smart people. I think it depends on your ultimate career goals. If you have any aspirations whatsoever of being an investor, a summer spent at lone pine will open a lot more doors than some investment bank. Not to overstate it, but there really is no... 4 years 3 months