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DUKE vs UNC - Ticket HelpThought this is as good as place as any. I am thinking of flying down from London to Raleigh for the weekend of the 5th of March to watch Duke/UNC play at Cameron. I grew up following Duke basketball and always wanted to go experience the game live so figured why not. I can buy tix online for... 2 months 2 weeks
AMA Discretionary Hedge Fund TraderI did one of these before a couple years back when i was on the sellside, and figured why not do another one since these threads seem to get a lot of traction and provide a lot of useful info for kids. My background: -Discretionary trader at a large hedge fund, focusing on credit and... 39 10 months 4 weeks
Looking to fund start up projectsEssentially, along with a friend we are allocating some funds towards finding early seed start up ventures. For the past couple of years we have made ad-hoc investments via various crowd funding platforms. After a couple successes we decided that it would be worth it to try and source our own... 3 1 year 3 months
Playing Bethpage Black this SummerWanted to reach out to people on the site. I will be spending some time in NYC late July this year. One thing I have really wanted to do is play Bethpage black, but obviously have heard things about getting on. Wanted to see if anybody on the site has had experience getting on, how early do you... 3 2 years 3 weeks
Technical question of the weekI figured it would be ok posting this as WSO doesn't actually a sell a S... 1 2 years 3 months
Q&A: Ask me anything, former BB traderI did one of these in the past but I think it fizzled out, mainly because i was travelling at the time so didnt really find the time to reply. Saw that a couple of these have generated interest so figured will give it another shot now that I can reply more regularly. Background: Non target,... 28 2 years 6 months
Day in the Life of an Options Trader5:45 – early rise, whichever desk you end up on you are most likely going to be waking up around this time. Adjust your sleeping habits accordingly or suffer for most of the day. 6:30 – Arrive on the desk, market opens in 90 minutes so its really a countdown from here. 20 minutes is spent just... 33 2 years 9 months
Goldman or Bust?Over the past week I have been getting a flood of pm's/emails asking for advice, and I have chatted with some of you over Skype as well in prep for interviews, and one theme keeps coming up that really boggles my mind and in a way really annoys me. This idea of Goldman or bust. I am not going to... 97 2 years 9 months
Ask Me Anything: BB Equity Derivatives TraderSo since most interns are about to start their summer programs or are in the first couple of weeks, I thought I would open a forum for anyone to ask their any questions/worries they might have. I can only reply in the context of trading/sales internships but i'm sure others can chime in with their... 22 2 years 10 months
Do's and Dont's as a Trading InternJust some advice as we are getting a bit closer to intern season. Hopefully people will start adding more in the comments, I wanted to stay away from the obvious ones. The Do Not’s 1) Do not screw up a lunch order: I know, this is quite obvious, but I can’t stress enough the importance of... 29 3 years 3 weeks


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I think there are some smaller prop books...I think there are some smaller prop books floating here and there, I believe there are some loopholes that still allows for some of these to exist, but there arent large prop teams that manage tons of capital anymore on the sell side. Tbh the outright bans on prop/Volcker are just half the... 4 2 days 4 hours
this is jokesthis is jokes 14 2 days 4 hours
Haha, Disjoint is on point. There are very few...Haha, Disjoint is on point. There are very few sales people to who buyside clients truly listen to. For example I have seen a small handful of sales make the jump from Sales on Sellside to analyst on buyside, thats how good they were in terms of idea generation, but that is VERY rare to see. 3 2 days 4 hours
Nothing wrong with using it on your linkedin,...Nothing wrong with using it on your linkedin, thats what linkedin is for... Everything wrong with using it as an email signature 66 2 days 4 hours
the probability in the interviews is nothing that...the probability in the interviews is nothing that is technically/theoretically advanced, its really the foundation concepts of probability like Bayes theorem but under a great amount of time pressure and in a brainteaser format. 192 1 week 5 days
as someone said, simple binomial problemas someone said, simple binomial problem 192 1 week 5 days
Crazy to hear how institutionalized this idea of...Crazy to hear how institutionalized this idea of it being looked at negatively to take holiday is. Definitely one thing I appreciate more about being in the UK, over here you are looked at weirdly if you DON'T take all your vacation days. Not just a banking thing either (even if its the most... 42 1 week 5 days
Can YOU read? I clearly said you arent getting 8...Can YOU read? I clearly said you arent getting 8-10% even on the upper end of the range. The biz model just doesnt work that way anymore. And i said my estimate for realized would be much lower than 8-10%, not implying your 8-10% estimate was an average guess. Even 5% is high, there are a lot... 23 1 month 1 week
ironnchef: Most star traders will go to hedge...[quote="ironnchef"]Most star traders will go to hedge funds after making 100mm at an ibank (banks will pay you at most 8-10% of your P&L..and more like 5% on avg...with the % going down as your P&L goes up...but most hedge funds will pay that same trader 18-20% on the same P& this... 23 1 month 2 weeks
i hate when people say stuff like "college should...i hate when people say stuff like "college should be the best time of your life", it jsut simply not true. The people who say that I find dont have any passions in life and so what they considered the best time of their life was just getting hammered day in and day out on cheap booze. Yea the... 66 1 month 4 weeks
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