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Quant Finance BookLooking to buy a book about Quant Finance for a friend - any suggestions? Would like it to be more of a story type book rather than strictly academic. THANKS 1 year 11 months
Guy hands out free coffee to get an Investment...Supposedly this guy handed out free coffee and his resume on the streets of NYC to try to get a job in Investment Banking. Below is the link to the interview that Bloomberg did with him. Personally, I think the guy has no idea what he's talking about. 2 years 6 months
BlackRock COO?I was told that I have a superday for the COO division at BlackRock. At first I thought of this as an operations role, however when I asked the recruiter she told me it was "business strategy" for GCG (Global Clients Group). Does anyone have any insight as to what this really is? 3 years 6 days
Einhorn - PEG RatioDoes anyone have the transcript of the David Einhorn's speach at the 2005 Value Investing Conferance? I know he talked about PEG Ratios there and I wanted to read it. Any help would be great because I can't find it anywhere! Thanks 3 years 6 months
IT ConsultingI am trying to find out more information on IT Consulting for a relative of mine. I realize this is a management consulting forum so I don't want to waste readers time. If anyone has knoledge of the recruitment process/lifestlye/skills involved in IT Consulting could you PM me? Thank you in... 3 years 7 months
Institutional Investor All AmericanCould anyone provide me with the Institutional Investor All American Research list? I would really like to see who the top Equity Research companies are in the industry. Thank you. 3 years 7 months
Learning Material for Value InvestingI am in charge of educating new members next year for my school's newly created "Student Managed Fund". Would like some input from people currently in the field of asset management or other students in Student Managed Funds at their schools. 1. What are some major topics I should cover with... 3 years 9 months
Fidelity Email StructureAnyone know? Ive looked all around and can't find. Thanks. 4 years 4 months
Brazil InternshipsI am very interested in possibly interning for a bank in Brazil next summer but just don't know how to go about it. I am currently learning Portuguese. I have been looking around but not finding much. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 4 years 7 months
Corporate Development at HPA family member of mine is highly placed at Hewlett Packard and I wanted to see if anyone knew about Corporate Development programs at companies such as this. Should I ask my family member to try to forward my resume to the corporate development team or do you believe they will not take anyone out... 4 years 8 months


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Scandal: Going to do a little bit of...[quote=Scandal]Going to do a little bit of speculation here, but you’re probably the prospective HS/college IB candidate who only wants to do GS TMT M&A. You do realize when people quote $50-60K bonuses for first years, those are top buckets (aka a few individuals) in top groups, right? Most... 2 years 4 months
Has anyone actually purchased access to...Has anyone actually purchased access to hedgetracker? Did you find it helpful? 2 years 4 months
Your bonus is really the same as IBD?? Thats not...Your bonus is really the same as IBD?? Thats not even true in BB Corporate Banking... 2 years 4 months
FIG CB at Citi is different than any other CB...FIG CB at Citi is different than any other CB division there. They work on a lot of M&A deals and hours are pretty much IBD hours. 2 years 4 months
When you retire, shouldn't your tax rate be...When you retire, shouldn't your tax rate be extremely low? Since you have no income? 2 years 6 months
Great post - Thanks! I asked this question...Great post - Thanks! I asked this question before but I think I may have gotten looked over. Thanks in advance for the response. How does recruitment work for asset managment firms (NOT from undergrad)? If you are trying to lateral after a 2 year banking stint does it work the same way as HFs... 2 years 6 months
Do you see a lot of IBD analysts heading to Asset...Do you see a lot of IBD analysts heading to Asset Managent after a two year stint? Is it easier to get an AM job than a HF job out of banking? Also does AM used headhunters? Thanks! 2 years 6 months
Are you inquiring about a BB CB role?Are you inquiring about a BB CB role? 2 years 7 months
Found the fit and quality very close to Brooks...Found the fit and quality very close to Brooks Brothers. Would definitely recommend. 2 years 8 months
rufiolove: ewlang: If you plan to never attend...[quote=rufiolove] ewlang: If you plan to never attend B School, do you think you may be limited in the future? Limited only for buyside firms? Don't most PE firms kick you out after two years? Who said I don't plan to attend b school? I probably will attend b school.[/quote] Wasn't... 2 years 8 months
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