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Securing a secondmentAt present, I'm a 1st Year Analyst at a UK mid-market Private Equity fund. I spend all of my day modelling in Excel - either for existing portfolio companies or for potential new buy-outs. However, what I really want to do is pick up some operational experience - i.e. operating at the coal face... 4 years 6 months
An Entrepreneurship ForumUseful? 6 4 years 10 months
Why aren't you an Entrepreneur?You're intelligent, very well educated and ambitious. Moreover, you're young, single and have very few responsibilities in comparison to what you're going to have in a few years time. So why are you wasting your life fucking around in Excel for 18 hours a day and jumping through hoops for your MD... 93 4 years 10 months
From Back Office to a £1.45bn fortune.For all those Back Office Guys busting a gut to get into the Front Office.... You should instead direct that energy and effort into doing something like this. 4 4 years 11 months
Breitling NavitimerYes, another fucking watch question, I know. I did a search, but nothing definitive came up. Is it too flashy for a PE Analyst one year out of UG? The alternative is a Tag Carrera. 3 4 years 11 months
LawyersWhy do these ass holes think they're such hot shit? They only exist because of us. I genuinely despise these scumbags. 38 4 years 11 months
A really silly Excel questionIf I have a body of text occupying a cell, how can I edit it / add additional text to it without having to use the mouse to click in it. What's the keyboard shortcut to do this? Google couldn't anser this question. 2 4 years 12 months
The Dorsia opens in LondonDo you think they've actually made the connection with the book, or is it pure co-incidence. Either way, next year's Analyst class are definitely going to be queuing up for this one. 1 5 years 1 week
Man Week: What a load of shitDoes anyone else think that these 'Man Week' series are completely full of holes? They've been a prime example of what I like to call 'self talk'. Personally, I feel insulted that I was expected to suck that shit up. 34 5 years 3 weeks
UK GAAP Is it just me, or does anyone else think that UK GAAP is a complete load of shit? 5 years 1 month


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Backpacks (Originally Posted: 02/02/2011...Backpacks (Originally Posted: 02/02/2011) Not a very interesting topic, I know, but I'm curious nonetheless. I've noticed in London that many people carry a rucksack to work. I like the idea of doing this and think it to be extremely practical. I often wear trainers to work... 130 5 months 1 day
I have it. It is useful if you didn't study...I have it. It is useful if you didn't study anything business related during Undergrad and gets you up to speed on the essentials. Given your experience and the fact that the content is entirely theoretical, I'm not sure it will add much and a Bank would be indifferent to it. 10 3 years 4 months
Matrick: Do you have a rough timeline in your...[quote=Matrick] Do you have a rough timeline in your head when they started interviewing people for grad roles?[/quote] I was interviewed in December, but was neither the first nor the last. 42 3 years 4 months
Original OP here. I've had a lot of PMs about the...Original OP here. I've had a lot of PMs about the process but would prefer to answer in this forum. I never chose to proceed through the process as I didn't like the rotational nature of the programme. I interviewed there about a year after for a role in the deal team, so I'm probably more... 42 3 years 4 months
All I ask myself is.. Why does this business...All I ask myself is.. Why does this business exist? If I like the answer and the financials make sense we're good to go. 20 4 years 2 months
I work in PE in London. What level are you...I work in PE in London. What level are you talking about - Analyst, Associate etc? What makes you think Recruitment here is so different? 10 4 years 2 months
^^ Dude, that only works on Chicks.^^ Dude, that only works on Chicks. 11 4 years 2 months
An interview with Ant would be great.An interview with Ant would be great. 32 4 years 2 months
Edmundo Braverman: The homeless in Paris fall...[quote=Edmundo Braverman]The homeless in Paris fall into one of two categories:Roma gypsies - these people aren't really homeless, in fact they do quite well in their own community. They just have a centuries-old cultural tradition of begging on the streets. They're as relentless as a dog with two... 52 4 years 3 months
I've never understood the fascination Monkeys...I've never understood the fascination Monkeys here have with 'building models from scratch'. Templates still allow you to pick up an understanding of the dynamics of an LBO and how things flow through it. Just take one home and play with it when you have chance. I know you're talking about... 39 4 years 3 months
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