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Hedge Fund Junior Trader Looking to Change JobI have to say you are lucky to be working for a hedge fund opposed to an ibank. I hated investment banking and felt more like an glorified administrator. Working in a smaller firm allows you be close to the business. You will mature very fast working in a smaller and most likely be working with... 4 years 2 months
What's wrong with PWM?[quote=chubbybunny]Haha what an idiot, he's in self denial right now You know what you basically did? Choosing PWM over IBD is like choosing Penn State for college over an ivy league school. You're right now talking about "how you like the atmosphere at penn state and it's more work life balance... 4 years 3 months
Bonuses: Private Wealth ManagementThis comment is directed to leveRAGE. Of course you need market knowledge, if you are talking about the FA cowboy outfits maybe not since they can just stick someone into broad based balanced funds and forget about them but a strong independent advisory firm will have its own team of in house... 4 years 3 months
Bonuses: Private Wealth ManagementPwm is very much front office NOT back office as some ignorant poster wrote. Back office work is admin and non direct revenue earning work. Understand if you are in pwm you have to be a hunter or a rainmaker if your are good. Ibanking analyst or associates do not get to do that instead they are... 4 years 3 months
Financial AdvisorThis is hilarious how could anybody even think a FA could be a back office job!! Obviously it's as front office as you possibly can get. You are client facing, the front line generating revenue for you and your company. If you don't generate revenue you don't get paid its as simple as that..I'm... 4 years 5 months
Lateralling from PWM (or exit opportunities?)That's not entirely accurate, but when someone talks about analytical skills in IB you mean addition subtraction and maybe even division. The maths required in IB is not hard that's why they recruit people with history and art degrees. PWM maths is about the same level except you would rather be... 4 years 7 months
Which has better exit ops, ops or PWM? It depends on you as a person if you want to eventually be a VP or MD you better off working in a more sales orientated financial role.  PWM is good for this since you should have client exposure early on. The networking skills, relationship management and ability to close deals is what will... 4 years 8 months
PWM Exit Opportunities?Actually in pwm you need to have a very broad knowledge of finance and may specialize in a given area. The exit opportunities can be exceptional usually due the ability to network and source clients (the sales side) and having the ability to analyse project and advise clients on a range of... 4 years 8 months
Any other fields?[quote=philliesphan]PWM and stock brokerage can be very rewarding if you are good but there isn't a steady salary like IB but has very high potential salaries, plus it probably wont look good for future jobs[/quote] The reason sometimes i banks might look down on pwm is that you generally need... 4 years 8 months
Any other fields?Having worked in banking myself and now in PWM I never understood why people think i banking is so great, it's only good if you are vp or md if on the other hand you are an analyst or associate you are just a glorified admin person and no more. You prepare pitch books (cut and past power point... 4 years 8 months