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Harris Williams - Dealflow and reputation? Anyone know about dealflow/reputation/etc. for the middle-market I-bank Harris Williams? 30 2 weeks 7 hours
ER besides NY?Could anyone tell me if there are ER opportunities outside of NY, particularly Atlanta/Southeast? Doesn't have to be BB, but come to think of it, do any boutiques really provide such a service? Also, I'm guessing Wachovia and Suntrust will come up, so if anyone can comment on "prestige" of research... 10 9 years 1 month
PWM=Sales?I know not too many people on here are concerned with or even really respect PWM, but can anyone give me a definitive answer about the degree to which this is essentially sales versus actual risk management, discovering investment opportunities, etc.? It seems like I've heard some places like GS... 19 9 years 1 month
CFA ValueCan anyone comment on the value of having a CFA for 1) Equity Research 2) PWM 3) PE 4) HF in relative terms? Also, I noticed on the CFA website that it is possible to take the exams starting your senior year of college. Would this add any value to a resume for a recent grad? 16 9 years 2 months
Atlanta Hedge Funds?Anyone know of any hedge funds in/around Atlanta for a possible summer intership? Preferably one that doesn't plan on stealing millions from prominent blacks. 3 9 years 3 months
Briefcase or Attache Case?Which one is preferred at I-Banks? 3 9 years 3 months
Duff & Phelps - Exit opps and pay? Does anyone know anything about Duff & Phelps as far as culture, exit opps, pay, etc.? 22 2 weeks 23 hours
Honeymoon and I-BankingIs it possible to get married as an analyst and have time for a honeymoon, or would this have to be postponed? Same question but for associate level as well. 13 9 years 3 months
Atlanta/Southeast I-BankingAnyone know about I-Banking in Atlanta or Southeast in general? I know Atlanta has Stephen's, a small RBC office, SunTrust, and maybe Wachovia. I know some bigger firms have offices here in Atlanta (CS,BS,ML,UBS,etc.) but I'm not sure if they are I-Banking related or just private wealth. 32 9 years 3 months
Stephens?Anyone know anything about Stephens? Are they considered boutique? 6 9 years 3 months


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Also, an example of Exxon maximizing shareholder...Also, an example of Exxon maximizing shareholder value by sticking with what it knows vs. BP and its Beyond Petroleum foray into alternative energies. 93 2 weeks 2 days
holymonkey: Whatev. If oil went to $400 per...[quote=holymonkey]Whatev. If oil went to $400 per barrel, nobody would buy it. And plus, by then there WILL be cheaper alternatives developed by other companies that actually adapted to changing times. If Exxon wants to maximize shareholder value, then fire their useless executives. And same goes... 93 2 weeks 2 days
I'm sick of everyone saying that we need to go to...I'm sick of everyone saying that we need to go to hydrogen or electric cars, blah, blah, blah.(Especially from the envrionmental POV) Enter the First Law of Thermodynamics: Energy cannot be created or destroyed. It can only be transformed from one form to another. The total energy is constant... 93 2 weeks 2 days
Not all oil goes to run engines like everyone...Not all oil goes to run engines like everyone seems to think. You have to think about a large proportion of plastics and not to mention lubrications. Exxon pumps that oil out and refines it, but doesn't necessarily make gasoline out of it. So even if the world is able to switch, as sleepy said,... 93 2 weeks 2 days
As far as I'm concerned, they are one of the few...As far as I'm concerned, they are one of the few companies who truly understand the idea of creation of shareholder value. With ethanol only netting about a $0.03 profit right now, which would turn negative the minute oil went to $40 or corn went to $5, bravo to Exxon for sticking to what it does... 93 2 weeks 2 days
If you want to keep WSP and CSC on your resume,...If you want to keep WSP and CSC on your resume, just do under a heading such as "Additional Information" and include your interests etc. there as well. That's an easy way of getting miscellaneous info. onto a resume. Since you are still a sophomore, you should really try to get involved with some... 7 8 years 5 months
I'm not sure about who makes the decisions in an...I'm not sure about who makes the decisions in an I-Banking environment, as that's not where I am. However, I would say that an analyst will be told to make the model and will then be given several edits and revisions from the Associates or on up the line. That's my understanding from others of... 3 8 years 5 months
I would say that 10% sales growth is a bit high....I would say that 10% sales growth is a bit high. I would try to stay in the 5%-7% range for the first few years, and drop to 3%-4% for the terminal value. Really, it all depends on what kind of company you are valuing. If you are valuing a start-up company, 10+% would be much more believable. If... 3 8 years 5 months
Read the 10-K first and then try to get your...Read the 10-K first and then try to get your hands on some analyst reports if possible. I think even Yahoo! Finance, Morningstar, Reuters, etc. give growth estimates though. 8 9 years 2 weeks
Apparently you and I don't see eye to eye on much...Apparently you and I don't see eye to eye on much goldstandard. Do you honestly think that a bunch of white fat cat record execs pushed for more use of the N-word and derogatory terms for women? Sure Run DMC and Digital Underground and the like were not vile the way the majority of rap artists... 34 9 years 2 weeks
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