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2015 FT Recruiting Mega ThreadApplications for full-time analyst positions at the following firms are now open unless otherwise stated. Get after it, monkeys! See you on the Street ;) Front-office IBD, S... 195 1 year 7 months
Step aside, New York. There's a new sheriff...London is the new finance capital of world according to a recent report from the good folks at PwC. From CNBC: [quote][London] steals New York's top spot, according to the survey conducted by multinational professional services network, PwC. London was named as the best city overall, with the... 11 1 year 11 months
JPMorgan has a color-coded spreadsheet for...From Quartz: [quote]According to a Bloomberg report on the experience of young bankers, those who spend more than 75 hours at the office in a week are coded red; those who spend less are marked blue or yellow.[/quote] [quote]Jeff Urwin, who co-runs corporate and investment banking at the... 34 1 year 11 months
$137,000 for a 1st year analyst?The average comp for a 1st year at Brown Brothers Harriman is (according to the Company Database) $137,000. Can this be right? I didn't think they were performing well enough to offer that kind of pay. 12 1 year 11 months
Automatically invest spare changeSo there's this new app called Acorns that automatically rounds up the price of everyday purchases to the nearest dollar and puts the difference in a diverse portfolio (mostly index funds). I guess it would be linked to your credit card or you'd have to make purchases from within the app... I don't... 5 1 year 11 months
Oculus Rift is a hell of a drugIt starts getting good at the 1:00 mark 3 2 years 1 day
Booz & Co. is now.......**Yes, I now realize this thread was posted over a week late** Strategy& That's right. Following the merger with PwC, the storied consulting firm has undergone one of the most intriguing rebrandings of all time. See for yourself. What are your thoughts? 17 2 years 1 week
delete. 2 2 years 5 months
Head trader?Would someone please explain the title/role of "head trader" when used by a hedge fund. Thanks 5 2 years 10 months
Suggestion for company databaseAllow us to search by title. Thanks! 2 years 11 months


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PreachPreach 56 2 months 3 weeks
You will absolutely be required to pass a drug...You will absolutely be required to pass a drug test. Drugs are bad, mkay? 56 2 months 3 weeks
Don't sweat it. Dress your best, and if that...Don't sweat it. Dress your best, and if that means wearing a black suit, so be it. Just change your wardrobe before your internship starts. GS won't hold it against you - you're only a college kid. 157 3 months 4 days
VictorinoxVictorinox 300 6 months 1 week
They generally check look for enrollment...They generally check look for enrollment verification, employment history, criminal history, and sometimes credit history. GPA and verbal offers will - most likely - not be a part of it 3 1 year 2 months
you might have a decent chance at a large might have a decent chance at a large school for spring transfer but you'd have to have a pretty good reason for wanting to make the switch. what kind of school are you in now? 202 1 year 3 months
So??? Did she get the job???So??? Did she get the job??? 164 1 year 8 months 2 1 year 8 months
SuitsupplySuitsupply 11 1 year 8 months
The training itself sucks but, yes, the...The training itself sucks but, yes, the experience of being in London and getting to explore the city is very valuable. 7 1 year 8 months
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