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GPA cut off for PEI'm a senior who just got a BB offer and have a 3.7 right now from a semi target. Interviews really took a toll and in the worst case scenario I'll end the school year w/ a 3.6. Do PE firms care or is it one of those things where work experience and a 3.5+ cutoff makes you pass the first... 4 years 7 months
Best time to go apartment huntingI will start FT at a BB in late June. I'm planning to live w/ a roommate but we weren't sure when to start calling agents/ brokers since most of the apartments are only available immediately. Do ppl mostly start the apartment search in late spring? 4 years 8 months


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PE Resume ReviewSounds baller. Are you doing off-cycle recruiting? I was under the impression that PE interviews start as early as 6 months into your first year. 3 years 10 months
Stern vs Vanderbilt vs Rice vs UVALike a lot of other people have said, it's really between Stern and UVA. I'm biased but I'd personally choose UVA and here's why: FO recruitment is top notch. Every single BB and elite boutique along with dozens of regional banks recruit FO here for internships and 90% return for FT recruiting.... 4 years 2 months
BACKGROUND CHECK FOR BBBB's normally ask you to apply online as a formality where they explicitly ask have you ever been convicted of a crime/felony/misdemeanor. You might want to attach an explanation here just to calm HR down. If you make it through the screening, your interviewer probably won't ask about it. 4 years 6 months
Favorite/Most Interesting Finance booksThe Big Short The Working Poor Adventure Capitalist Happy New Year Monkeys! 4 years 6 months
Emory B-School (Goizeuta) Prestige?People from Emory I knew had interviews at Coca Cola, SunTrust, Wells Fargo, and Citi CMO 4 years 6 months
I don't like economicsI've only taken two courses in econ- intro micro and macro in freshman year. I did well but I also found econ incredibly dry/too theoretical I did wayyy better in the undergrad b-schooI/finance and now have a FT job in investment banking. All you need to know is supply/demand and the rest... 4 years 6 months
SenioritisI thought PE firms/other future employers only see the GPA you put on your resume whereas B-school do look at the transcript to track any major drops. So ultimately it doesn't matter if you drop .4 or .3 points as long as the cumulative ends up being 3.5+ Is this true? 4 years 6 months
Local NYC MBAs good for career changeBaruch is a target for URMs. There might be a red flag to adcom since you took so long to complete undergrad but the schools your shooting for would probably forgive that with your work exp. 4 years 6 months
Wtf is Golden Key Society?scam. if i saw this on a resume I'd know you were some glory-seeking resume padder. soooo not legit. 4 years 6 months
Research Assistant Position on Resume - Is it...Personally, I would rather keep the fast food manager section than the research assistant one (really not kidding). As an RA, you're in all probability sitting inside a computer lab doing grunt work/bull shit regressions that no one will ever care about. For fast food, I know you've had to put up... 4 years 6 months