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Associate in Private Equity FoF - will answer...Noticed quite a few questions regarding FoF on here recently (probably due to recruiting cycle) so thought a thread might be helpful - no PMs if possible. My background is non-traditional. I'm from the UK, top 10(ish) university, finance degree, joined one of the biggest UK asset managers and... 3 years 5 months
From LP to GPI currently work as an analyst for a family office / foundation with around $2bn in assets, around 25% is invested in PE (or illiquids if you include real estate, mezz, vc, oaktree type funds etc)....with the remainder in long-only or hedge funds. I've only been here 6 months (after a 18 month... 5 years 3 months


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InvertedMooning: Bump, have an interview with...[quote=InvertedMooning]Bump, have an interview with them soon Seems like a VC FoF with co-investment/direct investment capabilities. [/quote] they are the top-performing VC FoF. Read up on exacttarget before your interview. 1 year 4 months
Hedge funder: Salesman Private equity guy:...Hedge funder: Salesman Private equity guy: Salesman CEO: Salesman Prop trader: Don't know the Analyst: Geek Salesman The Associate: Junior Salesman The MD: Salemsman 1 year 9 months
A pedophile is dragging a child through the woods...A pedophile is dragging a child through the woods. All of a sudden he turns to the child and says, ''I don't know why you're crying, I have to walk home on my own.'' 1 year 9 months
Every ex-GS partner I speak to contends that GS...Every ex-GS partner I speak to contends that GS completely lost the "client is king" ethos and they swapped it for a "quarterly earnings are king". This meant that their client relationships transitioned from being a true advisory relationship, to a pure sales one. 1 year 9 months
Seniors have the same email format at KKR. Non-US...Seniors have the same email format at KKR. Non-US based Apollo employees are [email protected] Dunno platinum. 1 year 10 months
The fact that you Americans require an article...The fact that you Americans require an article explaining how to drink in a bar is a pretty damning indictment of your alcohol laws. A 21 year old in Britain has genuinely been drinking in the pub for 5/6 years and would be in no need of such instructions. Also my advice (I put on about a stone... 2 years 3 weeks
First world problems First world problems 2 years 1 month
Anyone from your class or at other banks you know...Anyone from your class or at other banks you know leave banking to go to family offices? We (Mayfair family office) are about to do some recruiting of some juniors and wondering whether we should look at some bankers? 2 years 2 months
Development Partners International Development Partners International 2 years 2 months
This is what NDAs are for.This is what NDAs are for. 2 years 3 months
WallStreet Prep Master Financial Modeling