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Alt E S V Not working. Should I kill myself?New version of Office 365, just updated to Win 10. The Microsoft "Access Shortcuts" (eg. ALT ESV, ALT I E, ect) now only work when pressed in a ridiculously fast succession. Pressing ALT alone no longer brings up the menu navigation. Going at my normal speed, I keep pressing ALT ESV and am... 6 9 months 2 days
Dropping out of Analyst program after 1.5 yrs,...Been searching around the forums, cant find much discussion around this topic. I'm trying to determine if there is a stigma attached to working as an Analyst at a boutique bank for 1 year and 6 months rather than a round two years. I'd be dropping out in June, taking a month or so off, and... 11 3 years 1 month
Top Tip: Get any MD to read your resume (or...So no one is returning your sad, sappy, suck up emails? People think you are cold calling for girl scout cookies? Well man the f*ck up and lets trick someone into reading your resume. Don't bother with this unless your resume is stellar, not because it wont work, but because you probably aren't... 39 3 years 2 months
Looking for an old post here: Men should wait for...Does anyone remember this? Might have been an Eddie post or response to one. It was a hilarious analysis of why men should wait for marriage, how women start out getting as much sex as they want, and then need to tie down a man before they become unattractive. Men age like wine, etc. Had graphs... 14 3 years 5 months
Where are you bonus bananas I thought about compiling my own, but laziness and work piling up are stopping me. Did we know about this lack of interesting news compilation?! Eddie, WRU 1 3 years 6 months
Non Target to FT PE Advisory and Fundraising -...Not a BB success story - but i think I made out well: I came from a VERY non-target state school, accepted because I was offered full ride based on SAT scores, seemed a good idea at the time. Always wanted to break into finance (VC in particular) but I had NO IDEA the pedigree problem that... 9 4 years 1 day
Good places to find roomates?Starting an analyst program Dec 1st in New York. Looking to rent a room or find some room mates to share a lease. Rather live in a decent apartment with other like-minded people than in a shit-hole alone. Any ideas other than craigslist? If anyone here is looking, message me. 13 4 years 5 months
Big4 First Year Salary+BonusDoes anyone have any info on big4 Transaction Services and Advisory salary for first years? In New York, I assume less thanl BB IB but is it even close? Cant find much info on it. 44 5 years 4 weeks
Big 4 VS Possible IBI'm mostly a lurker here, but actually am looking for some info I've had trouble finding on the forums. I'm heavy into my networking (50+emails/calls a week...1-5 info meetings a week). Looking to score an offer by the end of the upcoming fall and graduating this May. Good grades (3.5), good... 29 5 years 1 month
Summer analyst after senior year...?That is pretty much the position I'm in right now. I want to get into a summer program..but I'm graduating in May. Should I push back my graduation a semester... would that be looked down on...or is it common place to hire seniors into summer programs? Anyone with an idea? tldr: Do banks hire... 2 5 years 6 months


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I guess you're right, it's better than 8.1......I guess you're right, it's better than 8.1... Still though 6 9 months 2 days
OpsDude: I live in StuyTown. Anyone who buys it...[quote=OpsDude]I live in StuyTown. Anyone who buys it, is an idiot. All the tenants are unruly because the place has turned into an utter ghetto over the last few years (nothing getting repaired, all the washers/dryers fixed, etc) while externally they pretty it up for buyers. A ton of tenants here... 41 1 year 11 months
NickW1: Do women count as experiences or...[quote=NickW1]Do women count as experiences or materialistic belongings? [/quote] I don't read WSO very often these days, but this is exactly the kind of post that keeps me coming back. OP: Get a PWM, draw down $500k/yr in passive income.Do whatever you feel like. 156 1 year 12 months
Satoshi Nakamoto, assuming he/she is one person.Satoshi Nakamoto, assuming he/she is one person. 50 2 years 1 week
SecondMarket.. already exits: https://www....SecondMarket.. already exits: 4 2 years 5 months
540.12540.12 69 2 years 5 months
Do you have a shot? Yes Will it be hard? Yes...Do you have a shot? Yes Will it be hard? Yes Should you look for non-traditional ways into banking? Yes Try to find connections at a boutique/small PE shop to get some relevant experience, here someone might label you a Senior Associate (probably no chance at VP). I would say you have a... 37 2 years 9 months
ucmaroon47: played MMOs pretty heavily through...[quote=ucmaroon47]played MMOs pretty heavily through high school: dark ages of camelot... diablo... dabbled in CS1.5,1.6 for a significant period of time still play SC2, DoTA play NBA/Madden/FIFA/NHL randomly[/quote] DAOC! I played Hib Merlin for a loooong time 102 2 years 10 months
I used to play CS and some other FPS games...I used to play CS and some other FPS games competitively..little bit of SC2 and League these days for fun...Cant break diamond 1v1 working IB hours. Bunch of games I want to play...someday 102 2 years 10 months
Edmundo Braverman: I'm speechless (no pun...[quote=Edmundo Braverman] I'm speechless (no pun intended). [/quote] 28 2 years 10 months
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