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Uber Non-Traditional Success Story6 months ago I joined this site looking for some insight into how I could turn around a voluntary unemployment situation and how to lateral into a entry level consulting gig. Between my very non traditional background/education, and diving headfirst into the ruthless pool that is this forum, I... 10 4 years 12 months
100-Year Treasury Bonds?OK, someone much smarter than I please explain to me the need for a bond only the government and bluechips will be around long enough to cash in on? I can fully understand the pension funds swallowing these whole... but is it me or is this the extreme knee jerk reaction to trying to offset the... 1 5 years 2 months
Where do you stand? The science behind your...stumbled upon this video from a TED talk by Daniel Pink... 18 min but very worth it. The more i watched the more I thought how tied to the financial industry this could prove. I just think its a video that is worth watching. To an outsider (me... 4 5 years 3 months
Jameson Juice Box!Not sure if anyone else is a fan of Sons of Anarchy, but.... Did you see the JAMESON JUICE BOX!!!! One can only hope to have Irish Whiskey in such perfect portions for on the go! Mmmm. whiskey 15 5 years 4 months
(Updated Dec2) Is my resume associated with the...Hey Guys, Looking to go into entry level analyst positions at Consulting Firms and or decent BO jobs at a solid name. Interested in internships as well. Im aware of how BO is looked upon. But marketing/ops for a good firm may be a good fit if i struggle with getting a Consulting gig Could... 17 5 years 4 months
GPA with an Asterisk?? Medical issue?Quick question for you guys My undergrad gpa was relatively low (sub 3.0), mostly due to being diagnosed with insomnia as a 3rd year student. After it was taken care of medically, my gpa rose each semester for the last 2 years. How can i list my gpa (2.69/4.0*) with an ansterisk and/or... 9 5 years 4 months
M.Sc of Consulting?How common is this program. Ive seen it thrown around but ive looked on google, and ive come across a few european schools who do it... and the wiki page was deleted... and yes i used the search, found next to nothing relevant 4 5 years 5 months
Smaller but respected Boutique Firms in New...Ive been doing some research for smaller boutique type consulting firms in the new england area (boston, hartford, RI, mainly) and ive come up with some places to look. But does anyone know of some smaller firms that are still respected and/or semi-well known? 2 5 years 5 months
Razume not working??Anyone else having issues w/ razume right now? Been trying for hours to upload a resume in .doc and again in .pdf and it just keeps trying to convert the file... anyone else? 1 5 years 5 months
"Welcome" and/or "Beginner Thread...Hey, I have just noticed lately (including myself) there seems to be a good number of people who are new to the site and or asking alot of questions that a bunch of the regulars get tired of answering/seeing often. How about a beginner thread with the basics of the site, the layout, how to... 8 5 years 5 months


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Pdres, thanks for sharing the same sentiments....Pdres, thanks for sharing the same sentiments. Much appreciated! Mezz, i remember some of your comments and I thank you. Granted I got ripped apart, but apart from the over the top comments, alot of it was unbiased and pointed. Once we are able to weed through the crap, there are alot of gold... 10 4 years 12 months
Really hoping to get that sneak peak via email!...Really hoping to get that sneak peak via email! Really looking forward to it Eddie. Quick Question though. Is there going to be a "moral to the story" at the end, or a personalization to it, rather than just a collection of stories. Just curious as to the nature of the read. 38 5 years 1 month
rufio, great list. Agree with Bradley Cooper...rufio, great list. Agree with Bradley Cooper being the perfect BSD type, it clearly comes out in his new role in "Limitless" For me... after seeing WS2, Josh Brolin plays a ridiculously solid role of a C-Level/Dont fuck with me BSD. After "W", No Country for old Men, and even Grindhouse, he... 26 5 years 1 month
maybe its me, but i think its truly hard for some...maybe its me, but i think its truly hard for some people to get to know the "truth" behind the numbers until they can truly conceptualize what its like to have zero. To the guy who says hed be happy with 800k, im sorry, your either ridiculous, naive, or both. There is absolutely no justification in... 62 5 years 1 month
speaking of de-leveraging... are there any firms/...speaking of de-leveraging... are there any firms/HF's sticking to 100% equity and using zero leverage? is it seen as more ethical in todays standard to do so? 9 5 years 3 months
the smaller bonus wouldnt necessarily equal less...the smaller bonus wouldnt necessarily equal less pay, there has been mention of higher salary and no bonus. but what about a middle road of less bonus with a higher guaranteed salary equating to low salary + high bonus. behavioral science isnt exactly science in a vacuum. its science dealing... 4 5 years 3 months
im one of the guys who dates "up". My long one of the guys who dates "up". My long term girlfriend makes more than I do (far more) and sure the money issue has come up. Like most men, I wanted a woman who had passion for working and a desire to get it done. That was one of the things that drew me to her. It was very important to me... 121 5 years 3 months
Patriots 34 Falcons 31 keeping with their 3...Patriots 34 Falcons 31 keeping with their 3 point SB win trend 61 5 years 3 months
Call it "Diferentes" and change the menu weekly (...Call it "Diferentes" and change the menu weekly (besides a few must haves) based on whatever is fresh in the area... hence, "different" 15 5 years 3 months
Vertical Limit... or The PianistVertical Limit... or The Pianist 163 5 years 3 months
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